Five Ways Marketing Automation Can Boost Customer Loyalty

Five Ways Marketing Automation Can Boost Customer Loyalty

Brand loyalty isn’t obtained the same way customers are. It is a satisfied customer who creates brand loyalty.

Apple is a great example of brand loyalty done right. The tech giant has 90 percent brand retention rate and enjoys 78 percent customer loyalty with the iPhone. Apple offers top-notch customer service through its Apple Stores and telephone support, and the firm listens to its customers when rolling out updates.

Strengthening customer relationships and providing valuable services makes customers trust the brand more. Beyond your service team, your marketing team can also retarget customers. By using a marketing automation tool, the process of identifying and implementing customers to retarget is easier. Get the right data on all your customers and, depending on this data, you can create marketing campaigns accordingly.

Let’s discuss five ways marketing automation can boost customer loyalty.

1. Identify Using Lead Scoring

According to McKinsey, even after the initial purchase, the probability of future purchases isn’t set in stone. Customer purchases are dependent on an endless loyalty loop—the better the customer service provided, the greater the chances of another purchase.

As such, scoring leads (or customers, in this case) shouldn’t stop. Even after the purchase, communication continues, and scoring that communication is important. Add points if the customer shares your posts, recommends your service or product or writes a review.

2. Personalized Interactions

Customers want a more personalized experience from the people they do business with. Repeating content and marketing tactics to gain a customer’s attention is not going to work in the long run. The content that appears on landing pages and the content sent via emails matters when it comes to shaping customer loyalty.

Use web tracking to follow your customer’s web activities and email tracking to understand what they click. Prepare content around their needs. Whenever you call to upsell/cross-sell, do a check their activities and give recommendations.

3. Number Your Customers

Segregate customers based on their interactions and loyalty. Having your customers categorized allows you personalize their experiences. A customer who has been with you for a longer duration should get more VIP-type privileges. A new customer should get a different set of preferences. Agile CRM’s marketing automation feature lets you add your customers to various suitable campaigns. This will also segregate your messaging.

4. Spot Active Brand Advocates

Brands need advocates, customers who recommend your products/services and bring in referrals for your business. This is another way for businesses to gain new customers and also reward loyal customers. With social media integration, businesses can identify customers who are advocating their product or service. This data helps identify customers who are bringing referrals in, and you can create rewards/incentives for them.

5. Response Measurement

It is important to communicate with your customers as soon as they are engaged. Apart from your ticketing system, there are other places online where your customers can and will have discussions. Monitor platforms such as Reddit, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Social integration tools allow you to follow your customers’ online social behaviors. You can also integrate other platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. Once you know someone is talking about your brand, you can quickly reply to them.

Are you using marketing automation to gain customer loyalty? Share your experiences below.

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