Our Favorite Best WordPress Plugins for Marketing

Our Favorite Best WordPress Plugins for Marketing

The magic number: 44,225. That’s the number of plugins WordPress offers to its users. The current total number of WordPress plugin downloads is 1,253,649,315.

This blogging platform-cum-CMS is pretty popular among SMBs, as well as enterprises. Since March 2016, over 26.8 percent of websites are actually powered by WordPress. To quote Neil Patel, the biggest reason behind WordPress popularity is its extendibility. This means that by using various plugins, the functionality of this system can be extended on different levels.

The easy-to-use plugins can be helpful and effective for marketers and businesses around the globe. WordPress also powers Agile CRM’s blog, and we keep playing with its different plugins to add more functions to our blog.

Today, we decided to discuss a few of the best WordPress plugins that can help your website.

Yoast SEO – For SEO

Yoast SEO is not only the most popular plugin, but also an effective search engine optimization tool. Using this plugin, you can optimize the content so that it performs better on Google searches. It’s generic feature is to help you add a focus keyword that identifies it in the main content, title, meta title and meta description. Apart from this feature, SEO also allows you to use page analysis that provides in-depth knowledge on the best placement for the keyword.

Using this plugin, you can ensure that your focus keyword is used in the content strategically. It helps understand the keyword density on the page, copy readability, images with a keyword, alt tags and number of time and places the keyword was used. It helps you to use optimized content that is easy to find by both search engines and the users.

OptinMonster – For Exit Intent

It is common knowledge that every new user on the page is an opportunity for you to convert them into regular visitors, and hopefully, customers. This is what OptinMonster helps you achieve with its simple, yet attractive, exit intent forms and pop-ups. You can easily grow your email subscribers or convert more leads using lightbox popups, slide-ins, footer bars, floating bars and more.

Search Engine Journal increased their subscriber list by 170 percent using this plugin. This plugin allows you to use A/B testing and provides detailed conversion analytics report.

These easy-to-use plugins can be helpful & effective for marketers and businesses around the globe. Click To Tweet

Floating Social Bar – For Social Sharing

Adding social media button scripts to your browser can increase the load time. So opting for a plugin as simple as the Floating Social Bar can significantly add speed to your load and ensure that you have a one-click social sharing option. This bar doesn’t load social media scripts when the page is getting loaded, and you can easy add social buttons using drag-and-drop option. This bar is shown on the top of the screen and scrolls down when the user scrolls through the page.

Agile WordPress Plugin – For CRM Features on WordPress

With our plugin, you can easy connect with Agile CRM from your WordPress site. The Agile CRM plugin will allow you to access core CRM features and helps you save time, instead of shuffling between your CRM and WordPress site. This plugin allows you to access email campaigns, form builder, landing pages, web stats, web rules and more.

You can easily check your email opens, track campaign performance, create web forms, send emails to new leads and more. With this plugin, you can also access an in-app referral program. Now you can get most of your CRM directly from your WordPress site.

Leadin – For Contact Forms

Analyze your website visitors and their behavior to see if you have a conversion opportunity using Leadin. This website’s analytics and contact forms allows you to track your visitors, finds information on these visitors to maintain future contact and offers a popup contact form as an option. Using its analytics, marketers can understand what type of content is driving more traffic, clip their contact information using forms and sync these contacts to their preferred email list.

Revive Old Post – For Automatically Sharing of Old Posts

Reposting content is very effective for content marketing because the chances of your readers missing the update the first time is moderately high. Depending on different time zones or recirculation period, it is better to repost your old posts in a tactical way with a different message at least twice or thrice.

Using the Revive Old Post plugin, you can automatically share the old posts again on various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. You can choose multiple posts for multiple times and add hashtags, links and more for better search opportunities.

Click to Tweet – For Tweetable Content

Using this really timely plugin, you can add pre-defined Tweet boxes on your article to create tweetable moments. One-click on the box and you can directly tweet the same content from the blog on your Twitter account. This plugin makes engagement easy and quick, so the user gets a chance to tweet about the blog in a moment, rather than waiting for the article to end. It is easy to use as well – just add the plugin, populate the tweet content and hashtag and say create.

What’s your favorite WordPress plugins? Let us know in the comments.

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Ankita Kaushik

Ankita is a writer and editor who has worked with various online publishing media houses. She is an avid reader, passionate blogger and loves to share her interests with the web audience. She always yearns to learn new things to widen her knowledge. All her interests helps her contribute more to her work.


Ssndeep Kumar

about 2 years ago

These are my favourite wordpress plugins that i use in my blog


Rakesh Kumar

about 10 months ago

Really this is a best helpful plugin, I used this plugin for very long time. Thanks for sharing


Mark Davis

about 2 years ago

It's great that you really like OptinMonster - but where are the instructions on how to integrate OptinMonster and AgileCRM. Right now I have to integrate to Constant Contact and then use Zapier to pull the data over. Really messy. Any solutions?


Shreyansh Surana

about 2 years ago

Hi Mark, The list is our favorite WP plug-ins and we dont have integration with all the plug-ins. If you feel this is something which lot of Agile users would benefits, would recommend you to put this on our UserVoice https://agilecrmcom.uservoice.com/. Our Dev teams will take it up based on votes. Thank you.


Meenal Rathod

about 9 months ago

A list of all the top wordpress plugins. Thanks for sharing.



about 2 months ago

Amazing! keep up the good work.


Gabriel Swain

about 2 months ago

Thanks so much for the encouraging feedback!! We'll keep it up for sure ;-) -- Keep tuning in every week :-)



about 3 weeks ago

Great post!


Gabriel Swain

about 2 weeks ago

Thanks so much for the comment!!


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