Enhanced Zapier Integration for Smarter Automation

After we launched Agile CRM’s Zapier integration a year ago, it quickly became one of our most popular integrations. The integration connects Agile CRM with hundreds of other apps, creating an automation powerhouse. To help you with advanced workflow automation, we recently enhanced Agile CRM’s Zapier integration to include new actions and triggers. You can now do even more with Contacts, Events and Tasks.

Zapier CRM Integration

It’s no surprise that many of the most popular Zaps involving Agile CRM have something to do with contacts in the CRM, such as automatically creating a new contact in the CRM when a new email thread is started in Gmail. We’ve extended contact automation to include updating contacts (not just creating new ones), and added other actions and triggers that are useful to businesses using an integrated platform for sales enablement and marketing automation.

New Actions

  • Update Contact: Customer relationship management is at the heart of Agile. The new Update Contact action lets you use and create Zaps that update existing customers and recent leads automatically, based on actions, data or triggers in Agile or in other apps. It’s a powerful way to keep your sales team up-to-date.
  • Create Event: You can now automatically create events in Agile CRM based on triggers from any app in Zapier’s “Zap Book.” For example, you can add a meeting to your Agile calendar based on a form submission, email response, or other action.

New Triggers

  • New Event: Trigger when a new event is created in Agile CRM. The New Tag trigger has been very popular, so we thought it was time to add a similar trigger for Events. Practice smarter marketing automation by triggering actions in other apps based on events in the CRM.
  • New Task: Triggers when a new task is created in Agile CRM. Agile’s drag-and-drop project management keeps the entire team in the loop while letting individual team members get more done in less time. Zaps triggered by new tasks in the CRM push productivity even further.

If you have ideas for actions and triggers we should add to our Zapier integration, please drop us a line at care@agilecrm.com. We’re constantly improving our product and integrations thanks to feedback from you, our awesome customers. Keep it comin’!

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about 8 years ago

It would be really nice to be able to associate a new event with a contact. Hopefully you can add that field soon.



about 7 years ago

Dear friend, I am trying to integrate my Agile with Wrike via Zapier, but I am unable to import such data with: Customer name | I used {{first_name}} {{last_name}} Customer phone | I used {{phone}} Customer Company | I used {{company}} Customer email | I used {{phone}} My question is, how are the fields I have to do to integrate it? My expectaiva is that data sitados above appear in the job description of Wrike. Thank you and I look


Agile CRM

about 7 years ago

Hi Leonardo, thanks for your comment. Our support team will be in touch to discuss any issues you might be having with sending data to Wrike via Zapier.


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