How eDocs & CPQ can make your Sales Process more Efficient?

How eDocs & CPQ can make your Sales Process more Efficient?

What is CPQ (Configure Price Quote)?

CPQ or Configure Price Quote is a sales process that helps companies generate accurate quotes, set prices of configured goods, and quote accurate prices to customers. The result is a faster sales cycle by helping teams to build high value deals with customers anywhere. CPQ also boosts deals effectiveness by giving sales team the power to create the best quote possible and it ensures that you sell only to the most recent pricing list.

Why Automating CPQ is Imperative?

Manual process of creating quotations using Microsoft Word or Excel is a time consuming & tedious task and due to the manual nature of the work it is  prone to errors along with unnecessary risks. Tracking and negotiating with customer in this manual process becomes a big bottleneck, resulting in slower sales cycle, low win rates, and other obsolete sales. It is exigent to send accurate quotes as fast as possible to customers so that they stay interested in making deal & you don’t lose them to the competitors.

CPQ automation not only cuts quoting time down dramatically but also saves time by minimising errors. Pricing data sent through CPQ is more accurate as well as you can track customer communication and discussions online.


Does your organisation need CPQ Automation?

Are you finding it challenging  to close deals with customers? Do you have out of date products and pricing tables & you do not have the time to update them? Are you not able to track customer communications efficiently? Also seeing an excessive number of errors in your quotation process?

If you answered to to most of the above questions, then CPQ is for you. All of the above problems can be tackled effectively using CPQ automation using Agile CRM. You can aim to see immediate results on successful deal closures and most importantly a boost in your overall customer experience.

Automate CPQ with Agile CRM

There are 3 ways Agile CRM CPQ can improves sales for you:

1. Brisk Deal Closure

By eliminating manual processes and reducing complexities in the entire deal management process the sales teams have more time to focus on selling. With CPQ products and pricing are centralised to guide sales teams to process deals expeditiously.

2. Minimise Mistakes

Common quote errors can be minimized, leading to an efficient & better sales process with customers. You also gain by reducing compliance errors by using CPQ as your products & pricing are streamlined.

3. Increase Deal Size

Automated CPQ not only normalizes steep discounts but also helps to leverage in cross-selling or up-sell opportunities for your business.

Final Thoughts

CPQ fosters deals effectiveness by giving sales team the power to create the best quotes possible and ensures sales to the latest pricing list. It also enables efficient workflows which leads to time saving & eventually happy customers.

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