Don’t Type, Just Talk – Welcome to Voice Search

Don’t Type, Just Talk – Welcome to Voice Search

Make your search easy with Agile CRM’s ‘Voice Search’ feature. Click on the ‘voice search’ icon and say whatever you wish to search for, in Agile. Once the app recognizes the sentence/question, it will pull up the related search results and display them. A very handy feature for mobile users.

The increasing number of contacts added to your CRM makes it difficult to pull the details of certain contacts or companies fast enough. So it is necessary to have a simple and easy ‘search’ option.

Earlier, with Agile CRM, you used ‘keyword search’ to get the exact contacts and companies. It also allowed advanced search bar that searched for contacts, companies, deals, and more, and check or uncheck the options to get a refined search.

Now, Agile CRM has climbed a few notches by offering a voice search functionality akin to Google.

The new ‘voice search’ feature allows the CRM users to search by speaking on a computer or a mobile phone. You have the device search for data upon entering information on what to search for, simply by speaking. That’s making search easier for you.

Here is how you can use voice search option:

1. Login to the CRM dashboard

2. Look for the search icon on the top left corner


3. Click on the icon and it will pop-up a refined search window with a microphone symbol

4. This symbol will now enable you to use the microphone of your computer or mobile phone and speak in the search query.


Voila! Now get your results in a jiffy without any typing.

The modern sales reps are always on-the-go and require search options that are easy and simple to manage. With this search feature, we have enabled the search option that does not require typing and improves the experience.

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about 3 weeks ago

Nice blog! It's great blog on don't type just talk welcome voice search.


Gabriel Swain

about 3 weeks ago

Thanks for the comment and encouraging feedback! Best of luck to you!


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