Automate Deal Value with Our New Products Feature

Automate Deal Value with Our New Products Feature

Calculating the value of a potential deal is not always quick or easy when you’re selling. You can enter an estimated deal value, but wouldn’t it be nice if this deal value was automatically calculated? Well, now you can have Agile calculate and automate deal value through the use of our new Products feature.

The idea behind the feature is simple but powerful: enter a list or your products and their book value, then when you create a deal you just select the products and the expected quantity for the deal. The deal value then is automatically calculated based on the products you’ve selected. You can also apply a discount to a given product, reflecting the actual value of the sale.

This new Products feature is just another way to bring a little more automation to your sales process. Here’s how you can automate deal value and get started with this new feature right away.

Where to Find the Products Catalog To Automate Deal Value

Products in Agile CRM can be accessed from Admin Settings > Deals > Products. This gives the list of products that you can attach to deals. Each product listing contains information specific to the product, including name, description, price and an image.


It is important to note that only admins can add, edit or delete products from the product catalog.

How to Add a Product

Adding products to the products catalog is very simple. Here’s how you add a new product to the catalogue:

  1. Navigate to the “Products” tab in Admin Settings > Deals.
  2. Click on “Add Product”.
  3. Provide information such as name, description, price and image in the “Add. Product” popup. Name and price are mandatory fields.
    • Name: The name of the product.
    • Description: A short description about the product.
    • Price: The selling price of a single unit of the product. Prices will be in the currency selected in the Admin Settings.
    • Image: A visual image of the product.
  4. Click “save” to save the details of the product. The new product is then added to the product catalogue.


How to Edit a Product

Products can be edited from the products catalog. To edit a product, follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to the “Products” tab in Admin Settings > Deals.
  2. Move to the product that needs to be edited.
  3. Click the edit icon.
  4. In the edit product popup, make necessary changes.
  5. Click save and changes to the product are reflected on the products catalog.


How to Delete a Product

Products can be deleted from the products catalog. To delete a product, follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to the “Products” tab in Admin Settings > Deals.
  2. Move to the product that needs to be deleted.
  3. Click the delete icon.
  4. On the delete confirmation popup, click Yes and the deleted product is immediately removed from the list on products catalog.

How to Use Products with Deals

Products can be added to individual deals, and these products will accurately calculate the value of the deal. When creating deals in the deal popup, the selection of products will be added to the total of the deal value. This displays the total value of the products in the deal value.

You also can manage the discount respective to the individual deal. The discount will be automatically updated to the deal value once applied. The discount field at the bottom will let you specify the discount for the individual deal. The discount can be applied in terms of value or percent.


The quantity of the products can be updated directly from the deal creation page by clicking on the ‘Qty’ column of the products table.

To summarize: Deal value = [product value * quantity] – discount

Agile CRM is constantly improving, and our new Products feature is a prime example of that. Give it a try!

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Rohit Munipally

Rohit Munipally

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about 2 years ago

Will there be the option to run reports based on Products?


Chandan K. Jilukara

about 2 years ago

Hi Rebecca, Thanks for your comment. Yes, we have reports based on products in pipeline. We'll send out an update once the product based reporting is available.



about 11 months ago

Hi Chandan, Any news about this feature?



about 1 year ago

Hello, There is a way to batch upload products? Thanks!



about 10 months ago

Can Products be pulled automatically from Woocommerce via the plugin? Also, it would be great if shopping cart items are added to deals along the way. This could be killer feature!


Saketh Rasakatla

about 3 months ago

Please suggest this to


Haytham Al-Rabeah

about 6 months ago

Are there plans to add services and recurring payments (subscriptions)?


Saketh Rasakatla

about 3 months ago

Yes, we have it in our roadmap. Please subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on our social media to get more such updates.


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