Agile CRM Ranked as a Most Used App by Zapier

Agile CRM Ranked as a Most Used App by Zapier

Zapier just named Agile CRM one of the top 5 most used web apps of 2016. We recorded a 219 percent increase in user growth on automation site, Zapier, and are increasing our user base by the day. Our seamless and quick integrations with third-party apps are one of the many reasons why users opt for our CRM.

Agile CRM integration helps users simplify their work and modernize automation. The integration between Zapier and Agile CRM allows users to easily add new contacts directly to the CRM when a new form is filled out, create new events in the calendar when receiving an event/meeting invite or create and assign a checklist to sales reps using Process Street. Automating menial tasks like this saves users lots of time.
Agile CRM allows for integrations with third-party tools such as Zapier, Twilio, FreshBooks, WooCommerce, Magento, WordPress, LeadPages, Joomla and more.

Users need easy automation and seamless integrations, which is exactly what Agile CRM delivers. The platform excels at automation and integration, which saves businesses time and money.

Here’s how Agile CRM can benefit your company.

1. Capture New Leads Quickly

Agile CRM’s integration with third-party web forms and landing page tools such as Unbounce and LeadPages allows you to quickly capture new leads that come to your site. With these integrations, you can monitor, capture and manage new leads, then add them directly to the CRM. It ensures that all the new lead data is collected and saved without any leaks or data loss.

2. Manage Tasks

Integration with tools such as Zapier help you stay on top of everything because it ensures that tasks and events are created in your calendar automatically. Agile CRM includes features such as push notification to make it easier for you to keep a track of all your tasks, be it email follow-ups or meetings.

3. Real-time Customer Interactions

We put in a lot of stress on customer engagement and services. As such, our product focus has always been to provide you with tools and features that will enable you to offer real-time customer service. Our live chat integrations and service automation allow you to connect with your customers as soon as they contact you. It works through any channel: social, email or phone.

4. Maintain Accounts & Monitor Calls

With our integrations, users can easily maintain and monitor regular transactions and calls. Integrations with tools such as QuickBooks, Twilio, RingCentral or Xero help with invoices, payment/transaction history, call recording, call monitoring, call history and more. This ensures that calling and billing information is housed on one platform and can be easily checked when required.

5. Increase Sales for Your E-commerce Stores

We are integrated with e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento to automate their sales and marketing activities. These integrations help reduce cart abandonment, provide exit intent pop-ups to your visitors to increase sales and run automated marketing campaigns. Users can track and engage with web visitors, sync data from various forms and schedule email campaigns for improved sales.

6. Get Social & Improve Engagement

Our integration with social platforms such Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn allows users to interact with new and existing customers. Our chrome extension for social platforms also lets users to clip contact information directly from their social profiles to add this information directly into the CRM.

Agile CRM’s smooth integration abilities and fast automation makes it the go-to automation tool for many SMBs. We also have many plugins and third-party integrations that ease the entire process. Come and see why we’ve received such high praise!

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