Agile CRM making Contact Syncing a lot more Easier with Office365

Agile CRM making Contact Syncing a lot more Easier with Office365

As an employee, I find it extremely frustrating when my organization decides to switch between software’s or tools, one fine day. It is highly irksome for any employee when he/she needs to migrate all the contact details from one tool as there is a very high chance of data leakage. Multiple times in the past in spite of all the precautions there have been instances where my contacts have been lost without a trace, & a lost contact is like a pebble in the ocean which is extremely hard to find.enable

To solve for similar contact leakage and to avoid the discomfort each sales representative has to endure while moving from one tool to another, Agile provides you with an easy option to sync your Office365 data with Agile. You can sync Contacts as well as Calendar events from Office365 on to Agile.

Additionally, Agile, provides you with the option of performing immediate synchronization or scheduling your syncs at a daily, weekly, monthly, intervals. Whenever you choose to sync your data, all the details of your contact like the First name, Last name, Address details, Phone numbers, Email addresses, Skype details would all be synced with widget

Also, by providing access to the Office365 calendar, you can automatically sync your calendar events from your Office365 calendar on to the Agile calendar.

Another cool feature that comes with this sync is that you can at any point in time look up all your contacts from Office365 as a tag “Office365” is automatically added to it. This allows you to filter or club contacts together by using a specific tag.

contacts view listing

One caveat in this sync, however, is that, the notes added to your contacts in Office365 would not be synced and saved to your contact in Agile.

To conclude, I feel thatt Agile CRM has come up with a very handy data sync feature which will help sales folks avoid the heartburn that usually comes with manual syncing of data. So, go ahead & make your lives a little easier today with Agile CRMs & Office365 contact & calendar sync.

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