5 Reasons to Use Dynamic Content in Your Marketing

5 Reasons to Use Dynamic Content in Your Marketing

Marketing must be personalized to be successful. Consumers want a unique and relevant message. One-third of marketers polled believe that personalization will be the most important focus for the future of marketing.

Many of them are already focusing on dynamic content across marketing platforms. According to Stephen Diorio, an analyst at the Forbes CMO Practice, the demand for well-organized, high-quality marketing content to support personalization is going to overwhelm the supply.

Since dynamic content is in such demand, marketing budgets are being restructured to focus on its creation. We know that visitor experiences are doubled with personalized, dynamic content. Traditional methods of content delivery can create information overload or confusion. Businesses can no longer stuff details into one form or landing page. With personalization, the visitor gets the sense that the content was tailor-made for them.

Here are five reasons to go all-in with dynamic content.

1. Relevancy Increases Engagement

Relevant content increases engagement efficiency. Personalized emails drive eighteen times more revenue and leads who are targeted with relevant content increase sales opportunity by 80 percent. Visitors on your page and email recipients don’t want pointless information that doesn’t resonate with their buying pattern. A personalized email with tailored content and products that match the visitor’s buying pattern will fetch you another purchase.

Data collected from forms and analytics needs to be put to use when creating relevant content. It ensures the right visitor receives the right information at the right time.

2. Improved Lead Conversions

If you are not using dynamic content to attract your visitors, you may be spreading your net too wide. More than half will be declared cold leads as soon as the nurturing process starts. Without relevancy in your message, anybody can become an initial lead, which hampers your nurturing process.

A lead with a definite purchase decision or an interest to demo your product is your main target. You can hit this target only when you offer them tailored content that reflects their buying need and pattern. Dynamic content lets you target leads that are sales-ready. This moves the probability of conversion to almost 12 percent, as it did for LiveBall.

3. Eliminate Lead Repetition

Similar content can bring repeat customers. You might be offering the same “you might also like” products list or the same content upgrades, but that does not allow you to capture new leads. Worse, repeated content can lead to your message being overlooked.

Dynamic content solves that. With data about your visitors, you can serve different content every time they land on your page or open your emails all while reaching out to new visitors, ensuring you have no lead repetition.

4. Customized Interactions

Your visitors need to feel special whenever they open your email or land on your webpage. They also need to interact with what you present to them. That will only happen if the message is personalized, which you can do with collected data. An email with a customized greeting and a landing page addressing visitors with their names can do wonders to increase brand interactions.

5. Qualify Leads Easily

Dynamic content allows you to capture leads that are sales-ready or are ready to try/demo your product. It allows you to qualify leads with a purchase option instead of wasting your time with those who get cold after third nurture attempt.

Content customization helps you understand where and what the visitors are engaging with. Using that, you can plan your purchase nurturing. This will help you put forward leads who are ready to make a purchase and eliminate leads that are cold.

It’s time to move away from generic content and focus on customization. Be it emails, web forms, pop-ups, landing pages or social media posts, everything should be in-sync with your visitors’ needs and wants. This will allow them to engage and connect with your product.

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