11 Tips to Build Valuable Email Lists and Manage New Subscribers

11 Tips to Build Valuable Email Lists and Manage New Subscribers

Building and managing your email lists is extremely important and isn’t always an intuitive process.  In order to build email lists that are valuable to your business, you’ll want to have a strategy in place that will help you do so.  Plus, once you have your email lists built, you’ll want to find a way to manage your subscribers so that you get the conversion rates you desire.  Below are 11 tips to help you build email lists that are valuable for your sales and marketing teams.  

11 Tips to Build Valuable Email Lists 

Tip #1 Content 

Create content that is concise, attractive and meaningful.  Compelling content will keep your visitors’ attention and get them to want more, increasing your chance of a conversion.

Tip #2 Blogs

Blogs are an effective way to create meaningful content and rank higher in search engine results.  Unlike using social media or articles on other websites, you have complete control over your blogs. They are “evergreen” meaning they contain content that is continually relevant and sustainable.  Add an option to subscribe to gain another email address for your list.

Tip #3 Stories

Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat all offer marketers the ability to create “stories” on which you are able to provide attractive imagery as well as content and links, encouraging viewers to visit your landing pages and learn more about your company.

Tip #4 Go live

Live video streams on Facebook or Instagram are going to help you gain credibility among your social media followers by giving them valuable information, strategies or actionable tips.  Then, you can create a piece of collateral that outlines all of the information in the live video that your followers can download by entering their email address.

Tip #5 Groups 

Joining social media groups such as those available on Facebook and LinkedIn will help you build a community for whom you would be able to provide valuable content.  This is an excellent opportunity to get subscribers to your blog or newsletter.

Tip #6 CTA buttons

Noticeable and strategically placed call-to-action (CTA) buttons will help you gain subscribers.  You can have them on your social media posts or stories or on your Home, About Us or landing pages.  The CTA on your social media pages can direct followers to your website where they can sign up or subscribe.

Tip #7 Ad campaigns

If you have the budget for it, you can run social media ad campaigns and increase your audience reach enormously.  According to Campaign Monitor, setting up a retargeting campaign leads to better conversion rates.  This involves installing a tracking code on your website so you’ll know who visited your website from emails you sent.  You can then target those interested visitors on social media ad campaigns.

Tip #8 Contests

Running contests can be very effective to get people to sign up with their email addresses, effectively increasing your email lists.  However, you need to be vigilant about your contests, which may end up being more work than it’s worth.  Give it a try and see how well it works, but use them sparingly.

Tip #9 Pop-ups

Pop-ups can be annoying, but if used correctly, they can be very effective and avoid being an annoyance.  There are several different ways to time pop-ups so that you are more likely to get visitors who have shown interest in your product or service.  For instance, you can have a pop-up show as someone scrolls to the end of a page or as they are moving their mouse towards exiting the website.  Offering more information or a subscription to a newsletter when they are clearly already somewhat interested in what you have to offer will help considerably.

Tip #10 Customer reviews

What better way to describe what a good product or service you have than hearing from your satisfied customers?  If your product or service is good, you will get good reviews.  Of course, you’ll get bad ones too, but a quality product should have mostly good reviews. Most people don’t pay attention to the very best and the very worst reviews, throwing them out like gymnastics scores at the Olympics.

Tip #11 Partnership

Collaborating with another business related to your own and offering complementary services will offer you another opportunity for further audience reach and more credibility.  Having your partner company provide guest blogs, and vice versa is a good start.  Getting together on webinars or other events can expand your reach considerably, increasing your email lists.

Managing your new subscribers

Once you have built your email lists, it is very important to manage these new subscribers efficiently.  Ways to do so include:

  • Segment your subscriber list – Categorizing your subscribers and segmenting them according to appropriate demographics such as gender, location, particular interests, etc. will help you target your future campaigns.
  • Take advantage of your confirmation email – Use your confirmation email to your new subscriber as your first opportunity to engage with them. Give them a discount or a giveaway item.  Confirmation emails are more likely to be opened than other marketing emails.
  • Make sure they are entered into your CRM – Of course, you aren’t going to get very far if your new subscribers don’t get added to your customer relationship management (CRM) tool in order to manage all of your contacts and add them to your campaigns at will.

CRM software solution

With an enhanced CRM, you’ll be able to manage all of your contacts, appointments, marketing and sales campaigns, in one place.  Agile CRM is an all-in-one CRM software that can help you accomplish your sales goals with much less effort.  It allows you to automate your sales, marketing and service on one platform helping you create and distribute consistent messaging and effectively managing your email lists.  An advanced CRM like this one will provide you with benefits that can help you get ahead of the competition.


You can gather email addresses any which way and attempt to use them in order to increase sales, but in order to build email lists effectively so your data is of value to you, following the 11 tips outlined here will help significantly.  Managing these lists to get higher conversion rates will further your success.  There are effective means to help you, such as utilizing CRM tools that have advanced features but aren’t too expensive.  If you would like to see if Agile CRM is the right tool to help you create and manage your email lists, try it for free for 30 days.

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