[Infographic] Does video email marketing matter?

Email marketing is one of the most useful methods of online marketing available today, which most companies use to chase and nurture leads. However, we cannot be certain as to how many of those emails are being opened and read. By using video email marketing, you can certainly increase the chances of your emails being read, as videos are a more engaging medium than emails. Learn how to leverage videos to drive engagement and see more customers read your emails.

Keeping the interest of its users in mind, Agile CRM has come up with an interesting infographic to provide you with quick tips on making your videos engaging and aligned with your goals.



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about 7 years ago

Email marketing is a forever trendy thing which helps the company to directly engaged with the customer via regular emails, also Online Video Marketing is very fruitful for promoting any kind of businesses.


Amanda Johnson

about 7 years ago

I must say online video marketing is the new trend now for achieving business goals.


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