15 Unheard Ways of Achieving Greater Results With Marketing Automation

15 Unheard Ways of Achieving Greater Results With Marketing Automation

What is Marketing Automation

The phenomenon of Marketing automation simply refers to a kind of technology that responsible for managing marketing processes as well as multifunctional campaigns, across multiple channels, automatically.

Marketing in itself refers to all activities a company undertakes to promote the buying or selling of a product or service. This encompasses advertising, selling, and delivering products to consumers or other businesses. Now, while this can be done manually with the direct application of human effort, the advent of technology whose aim is to get more work down in all aspects of life with fewer efforts.

Automation on the other hand involves the creation and application of technologies to produce and deliver goods and services with minimal human intervention. It involves the use of computer-controlled programs and devices to assume the control of processes.

Put together, marketing automation involves all the activities businesses undertake to promote the buying or selling of its product or services via the application of technologies and computer-controlled programs and devices which take control of the control of the processes.

Marketing automation is a continuous combination of software and strategy. Marketing automation provides the metrics needed to maintain constant insight into the results of your efforts, it allows businesses to nurture prospects making use of highly personalized and useful content that helps to move prospects further up the customer lifecycle converting prospects to delighted customers. In fact, it is illustrated in this Link that 63% of survey respondents feel that the ability to track and measure campaign objectives is one of the singular most important value driver of marketing automation

Major Benefits of Marketing Automation

  1. Effectiveness: Setting things in motion for execution without needing to see through the process helps to save time and energy affording the members of the sales and marketing teams to take on other activities. Agile CRM allows businesses to enable their sales and marketing teams to set activities in motion for the sole purpose of efficiency.
  2. Increased revenue: Customer life-time values as well as lead generation is sure to increase with the use of our marketing automation tool because of customer follow-ups, up-sell, and cross-sell follow-ups. Consequently, revenue is sure to increase.
  3. Reduction in staffing costs: Marketing automation employs the services of CRM software to carry out most of the activities that would otherwise be done by staff. This reduces cost. With our CRM software, most businesses have attested to the fact that staffing costs of the company have been drastically reduced with time in that Agile CRM as a software ensures to segment all the work to be done and put them in the system, for execution.
  4. Adequate CRM data: With automation, there’s every assurance that no data can be lost as such adequate data is available for Efficient customer relationship management. Agile CRM makes available enough essential data as well as information on leads as well as customers to ensure that the sales and marketing team can make informed decisions as at when due.
  5. Precision in Lead scoring: Marketing automation simply takes the guesswork out of lead scoring. Agile CRM ensures that You just know what leads to prioritize, at what times to go after them, and what pressure points to concentrate on.

15 unheard ways to achieve Greater results using Agile CRM For Marketing Automation

The advent of technology is tilting marketing demands towards automation for the sake of efficiency. Agile CRM our marketing automation software is not an exception, and the good news is that it comes with some features and intricate abilities that help businesses achieve their business goals

Using Agile CRM, there are certain tips and tricks as well as features that make the marketing automation strategy of any company very efficient.

Marketing automation surely comes with a lot of benefits. The question of how it can be achieved is answered below. The following are the top 15 ways of achieving marketing automation.

  1. Personalization is key: Giving users the best customer experience and consequently, customer satisfaction is highly dependent on how well-tailored the marketing approach is. Serving users just the exact content and experience they crave and that is best suited to trigger the right response in them is very pivotal to business growth. Using Agile CRM reduces time, it also helps you segment information about customers into groups with similar attributes. Marketing automation software like Agile CRM Leverage it to personalize emails and other messages to your contacts.
  2. Automated follow-up processes: Generating leads Isn’t enough. To convert them to customers, this customer automation software continues the follow-up processes. Starting from screening all prospects and leads to scoring them and then sending personalized emails and content to convince prospects whose characteristics match those of an ideal customer but are yet to be convinced, this marketing automation software helps to keep track of the follow-up process automatically.
  3. Optimized lead generation processAgile CRM starts at the top of the sales funnel with a content marketing, blogging, or social media plan that attracts leads. It follows the saying “content is king” by serving content that users actually want as it adds value to them. Once this is done, It helps to keep these leads organized, thus allowing for effective and efficient lead nurturing. Leads and customers are grouped together based on similarities in characteristics and circumstances for the purpose of simplicity.
  4. Content is still King: As emphasized by Bill Gates Here, “content is king”. Today, content is still king and this CRM software is getting the most out of it to ensure greater results with marketing automation. Agile CRM ensures that content is very much part of the sales funnel. Also, it gives your existing content a second life by setting up automated rules to recommend content that educates your leads and customers over the customer lifecycle.
  1. Email Drip Campaigns: Email drip campaigns are a series of emails and messages that are pre-drafted, loaded into the system, and are sent at specified times, or based on actions taken by leads.They enable you to stay in touch with groups of people based on events like when a user signs up for an account or how often that user visits your site. Each time a drip email is sent out, it comes from a queue of already-written emails—there’s no need to manually write and send each one. They can even be personalized with your contacts’ names, company info, and more. Our CRM software leverages email drip campaigns for businesses to achieve greater results.
  2. Continuous Update of contact database: To uphold the aim of marketing automation, our CRM software ensures the authenticity of the contact database by continuously optimizing it. If your database stores fake contacts or duplicates, it can have negative effects on your ability to reach your leads. It’s not rocket science; sometimes, leads and customers change their contact or save it more than once. The implication of this is that when you need to get ahold of your customers, there’s every possibility of being unable to find them either due to wrong or lost contacts or not knowing which to pick amongst multiple contacts. Agile CRM caters to this need by putting in place an automated process of updating the contact database.
  3. Lead scoring: Not only does Agile CRM put lead generation into consideration, but lead scoring is also prioritized. It helps to know who to go after with more resources than others. Agile CRM puts in place a process to determine when a lead is marketing qualified and ready to pass to sales. In the course of doing this, scores are appointed to the various leads and those with higher scores are promptly monitored by the software as well.
  4. Automated team collaborations in real-time: With the use of Agile CRM, you can make all the information about a customer available to every department. This makes interactions with customers easier across all the teams.
  5. Access to the approach of top performers in the industry: Marketing and marketing strategies is largely dependent on testing what works and what doesn’t. For you to implement the most robust marketing automation strategies, you have to study the high performers and see how you can incorporate what they did into what you are doing. Agile CRM makes available to the sales and marketing teams what top performers are doing.
  6. Lead Nurturing: Most times, not all visitors are willing to become customers. Agile CRM ensures to make provisions for nurturing such visitors by setting up programs that continuously send messages and emails to them. Furthermore, it separates more promising leads from the others. It helps to know the source of the leads and hence managing them becomes easier. You can look at the interaction level of each lead with the company.
  7. Outline the stages in the customer lifecycle: Generally, visitors become leads and then long term customers or community. These stages can be splitter depending on the nature of the business. You should know the various stages available.
  8. Run campaigns across multiple channels: Agile CRM puts out touchpoints across various channels to generate more leads and customers all on this same CRM software. The integration of various other platforms, as well as social media all on this platform, makes it easy to run multiple marketing campaigns and monitor them at the same time.
  9. Social media is a gold mine: Pay attention to what’s going on on social. Using CRM software like Agile CRM Helps to do this on the same platform. With Agile CRM, everything on social is being closely monitored for all forms of content and word of mouth making the rounds about the brand. This is very important as it is very pivotal to the image of the company brand.
  10. Build a community around your customers: This is a major marketing hack. It helps identify and collaborate with brand advocates. The mere fact that various social media platforms have been integrated all on the same CRM Software makes it very easy to get the people’s voices and opinions all in the same place. This advantage can be leveraged upon by businesses in the building of a strong community around whatsoever products or services being sold by the business. Building a community around the products or service not only makes the customers increase, it further increases the customer base exponentially considering the fact that those customers have been converted to marketers as well.
  1. Visitor Retention: It is highly imperative to reduce the bounce rate on your site. Keeping the content engaging, using pop-ups to manage exits, etc. Web pop-ups are small message boxes that appear on the screen when you are browsing a website. The Agile CRM system is equipped with the ability to predict exit intent, you can configure exit-intent web pop-ups that appear when the system thinks someone is about to leave the site. Agile CRM Ensures to reduce the rate at which visitors leave the site without being converted.


Marketing automation when implemented properly has numerous results and benefits. It is in fact the engine that drives growth and expansion for small and emerging businesses. When used correctly, you can generate more leads, close more deals, and maintain higher customer satisfaction rates.

Julie Gordon white here in this stated that” 81% of sales happen after 5 or more contacts. Yet 85% of entrepreneurs give up after 1-2 tries” stating emphatically Here that PR marketing should include marketing automation.

“The value of email drip campaigns for local businesses” was also elaborated by The marketing automation platform in this tweet.

In all, marketing automation is very important, and achieving excellent marketing automation can be done by following the various techniques we have talked about.

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