UserVoice Integration in Agile CRM

We’re excited to announce UserVoice integration in the Agile CRM app. Here at Agile CRM, we love UserVoice, the easiest way to get feedback and ideas from your customers. In fact, we use UserVoice ourselves and you, our awesome customers, have posted almost 1,500 ideas there, many of which have been turned into new features or enhancements. Those ideas have been invaluable in helping us to enhance Agile in direct response to your feedback.


UserVoice is streamlined customer support and product management software. It makes it easy for product managers to prioritize feedback and participate in the customer community, where users can post new ideas, vote on those ideas and track their progress of being turned into new features or fixes. UserVoice integration in Agile lets you pull that data onto contact pages in the CRM, synced in real time.

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UserVoice Integration Features

Customer feedback is paramount for any business. In order to stay relevant to customers, companies must pay attention to customer feedback and ideas. For companies that love to hear customer feedback and ideas, UserVoice is a wonderful medium to solicit, prioritize and respond to that feedback.

UserVoice integration lets you add customer feedback to customer profiles in the CRM. Features include:

  • Real-Time Sync: Once the plugin is activated, Agile CRM will automatically sync the data from your UserVoice account with the UserVoice widget in Agile CRM in real time. Be on top of your game with real-time access to customer feedback and ideas, directly in the Agile app.
  • User Feedback: With UserVoice integration, your CRM users will be able to see all the customer feedback and ideas from the UserVoice forum directly on contact pages in the CRM. Empowered with customer thoughts, you can engage with your customers on a whole another level. This data is especially useful when you’re on a call with a customer or responding to their email in Agile CRM.

Details available from UserVoice include customer feedback and ideas along with a time stamp. The plugin widget also includes a link to your UserVoice website for easy access.

Setting Up UserVoice Integration

You need an Agile CRM account and a UserVoice account to set up UserVoice integration in Agile CRM. Once UserVoice is integrated, a UserVoice widget will automatically appear on contact pages in the CRM.

To activate the plugin, you’ll need your UserVoice API Key, Secret Key and Domain Name. Once you have that information, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Agile CRM account
  2. Go to Preferences > Widgets
  3. Select the Support tab and click Add under UserVoice widget
  4. Enter your UserVoice details: API Key, Secret Key, and Domain Name
  5. Save the details
  6. That’s it! Your UserVoice widget is now up and running


This new integration is simple and straightforward, but the effects can be powerful. Your sales, marketing and support teams will now have complete contact histories that include customer feedback, ideas, questions and concerns.

If you have a question about UserVoice integration that isn’t answered here, write to us at and we’ll get back to you personally. To learn more about other Agile CRM integrations, please visit our plugins page.

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Greg Arthur

Greg Arthur

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about 2 years ago

The "domain name" should be clarified to only enter the subdomain of your uservoice deployment (e.g. "" should be entered as "mycompany"


Chandan K. Jilukara

about 2 years ago

Hi Sam, Thanks for your feedback. That's a nice suggestion. We'll make the changes necessary to provide clarity to enter only domain name "mycompany".


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