Top 20 Marketing Buzzwords in 2020

Top 20 Marketing Buzzwords in 2020

Marketing buzzwords seem to change with the wind these days.  However, keeping up with the most important ones can help ensure your marketing strategy stays on par with the competition.   

Love them or hate them, they are here to stay…well, at least this list will stay until the next list comes along.  Nonetheless, here are the buzzwords you’ll want to learn for 2020:

20 Marketing Buzzwords in 2020


Algorithms have been around for a little while, but you’ll still hear about them this year as they are a very effective way to get search rankings, for instance, by using a formula to determine priorities.

GOTV Campaigns

Get Out The Vote Campaigns will be particularly popular in the U.S. in 2020 as it is an election year.  It will be used quite often among social media, blogs, and advertisements by organizations wanting you to vote and those that are capitalizing on the fact that they can sell their product while encouraging us to do our civic duty as well.

Brand Identity

Brand identity is your company’s image.  According to Investopedia, it is what identifies and distinguishes your brand for customers.  It is everything from the visible elements of a brand, such as logos and colors, to the “voice” of the brand, in its content and design.


Customer relationship management is how organizations approach customer interactions to improve relationships.  CRM software is an extremely popular tool for most businesses to manage their customer relationships.

Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is one of the newer marketing buzzwords and it refers to utilizing free or very low-cost marketing exclusively in order to grow their business.  It is used by startups typically with very small budgets and an eye on growth.


Clickbait is a poor practice for marketers but is still used nonetheless.  It includes using a headline that has all the intrigue you could wish for, making someone want to click to learn more, only to find out it’s uninteresting or irrelevant content once you take the bait.


In terms of marketing, a disruptor is the next big product that comes out, which has filled a gap in the market and tends to be a game-changing product.  Apple tends to come out with products that can be considered disruptors on a regular basis, such as the iPhone and Apple Watch.

Influencer Marketing

A big term in 2020, influencers are often celebrities or popular social media personalities that you use to promote your products.


Another one that’s been around for a while, but is very important, Search Engine Optimization is putting the right content on your webpages in order for search engines to find them.  Google remains at the top of the search engine rankings still, making optimization to its standards most important.


To gamify your product or service means you incorporate elements of a video game into it.  For instance, the Waze GPS app allows you to gain points for reporting hazards or police and for the miles you drive using the app.  With these points, you earn titles and more avatar choices.


Once your SEO proves to get more organic traffic to your website, you’ll want to make sure those visitors to stay by having them take certain actions.  Moz defines conversion rate optimization as the process organizations take to increase the rates at which visitors to their websites take the actions desired.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is finally coming into its own as an important marketing strategy.  “Content” refers to not only the text you have on your website and social media channels, but also the graphics, videos, audio, and more. The content you post and share can portray you as a thought leader and expert in your field.


Analytics are extremely important in marketing these days.  It is the way marketers are able to determine the effectiveness of their metrics.  There are many tools that can help with different analytics.

Marketing Automation

There are many marketing processes that can be automated in 2020.  With effective software, you can automate workflows to run campaigns, generate automatic replies, send drip campaigns, etc.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

KPIs are an excellent way to measure how your marketing strategies are performing.  You can take any metric and use it as a KPI in order to stay on track with your strategies.


With all the technology available to marketing teams now, personalizing your marketing is possible by knowing your customers’ behaviors and previous activity.

Content is King

As mentioned previously, content marketing is a very important part of any marketing strategy.  When people say “Content is King,” they really believe in the quality of their marketing communications.

Low Hanging Fruit

When someone says they want to go after the low hanging fruit, it means they want to accomplish the goals that are most achievable first in order to get some quick and easy wins early in your marketing campaigns.

Pain Points

Pain points are simply the marketing buzzwords for the problems your customers have that you are able to solve.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence can be employed with marketing to automate processes, predict customer behavior, improve customer experiences, and more.


Keeping up with marketing buzzwords is half the battle.  Having a way to incorporate all of these concepts into your marketing is another.  Implementing an all-in-one customer relationship management software such as Agile CRM can help with sales and marketing automation, customer interaction documentation, prioritization, strategies, social media integration, and much more.

You’ll hear many of these top marketing buzzwords as you put your own strategies together this year.  This list will help you understand what they mean.

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