How to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment with Magento

How to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment with Magento

Shopping cart abandonment is an unfortunate outcome for every e-commerce business—one that hasn’t been cured yet. Almost 69 percent of shoppers on average abandon their shopping cart. Many shoppers don’t make the purchase initially and require a strong nudge to move them forward.

Agile CRM integrated with Magento provides you with features to decrease shopping cart abandonment.

Let’s take a look at some of those features.

1. Use Exit Intent Pop-ups

Exit-intent pop-ups is a remarketing strategy that is very effective for shopping cart abandoners. Shoppers might abandon the site in the middle of shopping experience if they decide they are incurring unexpected costs or prices are getting high. That is when you use your exit-intent pop-ups to give them a discount offer or coupon.

Shoppers love unexpected discounts. Using Agile and Magento integrations, businesses can include attractive exit-intent pop-ups on their e-commerce sites and reduce abandonment.

2. SMS Marketing for Offers and Deals

SMS marketing might not sound cutting-edge, but it works. Jamie Tolentino from The Next Web states that “with a 90 percent read rate within minutes, SMS is the most effective way to reach users.” SMS marketing maintains one of the highest engagement rates because 51 percent of millennials are willing to share their mobile number to receive a discount or incentive instantly.

With Magento integration, marketers can utilize automated SMS drip-marketing campaigns. These campaigns can be used to send personalized discount offers or coupons to various shoppers, depending on their shopping frequency or pending purchase amount. With Agile, those messages can be personalized to include the shopper name and shopping details.

3. Send Related Products

Shoppers often browse products they don’t intend to buy. However, getting this information is a potential gold mine. It allows you to understand the shopping patterns of your customers and you can retarget them using a different product of their choice, or same product at a different price. Statistics show that 54 percent of shoppers will purchase products left in shopping carts if those products are offered at a lower price.

This integration also provides web analytics, and using web analytics means tracking shoppers’ web behavior. Use this to push for purchase with a discount or coupon. It can also help check the clicks and bounce rate of landing pages.

4. Targeted Emails

Cart abandoned emails have a 46 percent email open-rate. Over a third of clicks lead to purchase. Targeted emails, after the shopping cart is abandoned, work. There are chances that your shopper abandons the cart without intending to, and the best way to get back to them to complete their purchase is through emails.

Agile CRM and Magento integration allows you to send triggered emails whenever a shopper abandons their cart before purchase. Agile features predefined campaigns that can be used to send out additional offers, reminders to complete the purchase or related products with discount coupons.

Cart abandonment happens. A customer might think they’ve found better prices or products or feel there are too many steps during the checkout process. The best way to get your shoppers back is to make them an offer or an enticing discount. With Agile CRM and Magento integration, this is is a relatively easy process.

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about 3 years ago

Fantastic, in-depth post Ankita!! It's shocking that 69% abandon their cart! I love the exit pop-up idea and I'm going to implement it thanks for the tip!!


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