Join The Buzz – Agile CRM At TechSparks

Join The Buzz – Agile CRM At TechSparks

Friday mood has set in and Agile CRM’s exhibit at TechSparks event has raised my energies, inspiring me to start this piece on a poetic note.

When adrenaline is running high,
And like-minded people ally.
When every entrepreneur remarks,
And it feels like the geeky sparks.
You know you are in the right zone,
As your nerdy mind is blown.
Yes, this techie party is about to start,
Be there at TechSparks!

The seventh edition of TechSparks event is here and it just got bigger and better. This summit celebrating entrepreneurship and technology has been highlighting many Indian innovative tech startups since last six years. At this event, you get to know all the inside information about the initial roadblocks, learning curves and exciting success of many big brands that started out as small insignificant startups. This event is a perfect mix of who’s who from the tech industry, budding entrepreneurs, industry influencers and geeky participants.

The event is equally exciting this year, and more so, because Agile CRM is also an exhibitor in the event. Yes, this year at TechSparks, you will also find Agile CRM talking and discussing the product with speakers, other exhibitors and attendees. Our product have been observing positive response from many businesses and it is turning into a massive success with 9000 businesses adopting our product to improve their sales, marketing and service processes.

We are at the event to manifest our product in front of other tech enthusiasts and illustrate how our product can be useful in aligning marketing, sales and service processes of a business.

So a big shout out to all the attendees and businesses attending this event, please visit our booth to understand the product or to collaborate with us.

Let’s have a sparkling event – see you at TechSparks.

You know you are in the right zone, As your nerdy mind is blown. Yes, this techie party is about to start, Be there at TechSparks! Click To Tweet
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