Agile CRM enables iOS Web Clipper

Agile CRM enables iOS Web Clipper

To give an enhanced user-experience for our customers has always been at the core of Agile CRM. We have been adding new features and enhancements as requested by our users through our ‘User Voice’. For our users who are on iOS, we have come up with the iOS web clipper that’s going to make their Agile CRM experience on iOS devices much smoother.

Every iOS user loves to bookmark his/her favorite websites on the Safari browser. However, there’s a simpler and better version of it in the form of a Web Clip.  This feature is quite similar to a native app of iPhone/iPad and it takes you directly to Agile CRM web application without the need to type its URL every time.


Follow these simple steps to create a Safari web clip for Agile CRM in iOS 7 or iOS 8.

1. Open Safari and navigate to https://{{domain}}

2. If you are using an iPhone, look for Share icon (box and arrow) at the bottom of the screen in Safari.

3. On iPad, you can find the Share icon on the top of the screen. Also, you can find in on the left to the address bar in iOS 7 and on right to the address bar in iOS 8.

4. Tap the Share icon and look for the button labeled Add to Home Screen.

5. Tap Add to Home Screen.

6. You’ll see a thumbnail (small picture) that will become the web clip icon. Next to this, you’ll find Login as the default name for the application, then rename it to Agile CRM and tap Add on the top right corner.

7. Voila! You will find an Agile CRM icon on your ‘Home screen’.

8. Tap the icon to reach the Login screen of your Agile CRM account and punch in your credentials.

Isn’t it so easy? Next time, rather than typing the lengthy web address in Safari, simply tap the Agile CRM icon on the home screen of your iOS device. Now it’s time for all the Agile CRM users with Apple devices to experience a hassle-free interface.

We are also working on to roll out Push Notifications and Network Detection in our next releases. We are also working on building our native iOS app.

This brings us closer to our objective of offering a better customer experience with each passing day.

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