Intelligent Personalization With Agile CRM Dynamic Landing Pages

Intelligent Personalization With Agile CRM Dynamic Landing Pages

Landing pages are one of the most important aspects of a website – the only shot at a first impression that can potentially make or break a prospecting lead. A well-designed landing page will convert infinitely more visitors than a company homepage, as it has been noted by many marketing experts in recent years.

While there are a plethora of services that provide users with pre-designed landing pages that work pretty much out-of-the-box, they are not always 100% customizable and some companies demand more than a cookie-cutter solution.

Agile CRM is one of the mentioned landing page providers: users can choose between a wide range of beautifully designed pages that have been optimized with conversions in mind. At the same time, we understand the limitations that pre-designed come with regarding customization.

That’s why we always work hard to implement new features and options, and that’s why recently Agile CRM Landing pages have become more personalized and dynamic.

Agile CRM’s Dynamic Landing Pages

Now you can easily cater the relevant messaging to your prospecting leads depending on their requirements. Agile’s dynamic landing pages will allow you to show message that relates with your leads.

A personalized message on your landing pages will allow instant engagement with your leads ensuring that you have a list of hot leads for your sales team.

Using our dynamic landing pages, users can easily attract eyeballs by providing something value-added to their leads. You can add related keywords, target a particular geography or industry and/or use personas to personalize your messaging.

Agile CRM Landing pages is offering two ways to customize the content based on your lead’s behavior. These two new options to customize content will enhance the way companies capture new leads and convert visitors – and will give marketing departments a couple of cool tools in the toolbox to play with as they see fit.

Let’s take a detailed look into it.

1. URL Query Parameters:

Query Parameters are an extra piece of information appended to the URL. All the Parameters are appended after a “?” separator. For instance, whenever you click on a pay-per-click ad (Google Adwords , Bing Ads etc) you will be navigated to a landing page and might notice that there are some parameters added to the URL.

Ex: http://<websitedomainname>.com?mykeyword=marketingautomation&gclid=zypqabc

In above example, “mykeyword” and “gclid” are two query parameters in the URL.

In Agile CRM, Query Parameters can also be used to include a more accurately targeted and personalized messaging on landing pages. This way, you will be able to give visitors a different treatment based on where the traffic is being generated from. This will ease the process of serving relevant messaging that leads to a higher conversion rate.

Steps to Configure:

1. Go to Agile CRM Landing Pages and just decide on where to show the Query Parameter
2. Insert the Query Parameters in double curly braces

Let’s see this with a sample scenario.

Example: To display the heading of the landing page with either one of the following values – Marketing Automation or CRM.

● Create the landing page and add the Query Parameter in the section where it needs to be displayed:

● Here’s the URLs with the Query Parameters.



It’s just that simple.

2. Merge Fields

Merge Fields is a second way to personalize the landing pages. All the contact-related merge fields will work on the Landing Pages too.

The way to add the merge fields is the same as that of the Email Templates.

If you encounter any issues with these recently implemented features, or simply have any suggestions, please feel free to hit us up at and we will be happy to help.

For more general technical information and support, head straight to the Resources page.

Give your leads a happy landing!

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