How Contextual Marketing Can Boost Your Business

How Contextual Marketing Can Boost Your Business

When compared with generic marketing, 54 percent of your users engage better with personalized content marketing. According to Janrain & Harris Interactive, 74 percent of users get flustered when fed irrelevant marketing campaigns. Kunocreative notes that 69 percent of users unfollow or withdraw subscription from brands that continuously use irrelevant marketing.

Gary Vaynerchuk, a famous venture capitalist, says, “Content is king, but context is God.” If marketers are not delivering a message that connects with the audience, that message is lost. Every marketing campaign requires both powerful content and an equally strong context. You also want users to understand your product and brand better.

Let’s look at how contextual marketing can boost your business.

Target Messaging for Target Audience

You have an appointment-scheduling app and your target audience is small businesses. Your app has features and pricing custom-made for such an audience. However, in your marketing campaign, you are not targeting the “affordable app with basic appointment scheduling features” message. This is a mistake.

You need to push a sales point your users will relate to. Small businesses want something that provides basic features and is less expensive than other apps. Keep your target audience in mind and their needs in mind, then develop a marketing message around that.

Identify Cold Leads

If you are sending out targeted messages to your users, you should be able to differentiate between users who become hot and cold leads. Relevant messaging will create a lot of engagement with users who are interested in your product or services. If you targeted your message to 100 people and only 67 are continuously engaged, that means 67 are your hot leads and the 33 others are cold leads. More work can be done to modify the message to target those 33 if they aren’t purchase-ready.

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Find More Purchase-Focused Customers

Analysis teaches you about your users. Understanding your users is the key to targeted messaging. The right marketing content will push them to make a purchase decision. If you are targeting users that are looking for a product that automates daily tasks, emails and follow-ups, the right contextual marketing will get them to purchase your email automation software.

Adds Personal Experience to Marketing

Add customer stories to your marketing campaigns and see how it resonates. Dove’s marketing campaign in particular takes advantage of this. It doesn’t talk about how fair and lovely your skin will get if you use the soap, instead it stresses the “real beauty” point. They are encouraging regular women to accept their skin as it is by focusing on them in their ads. That’s how you provide personal and relevant experience to your users through your marketing. This is contextual marketing: adding personal experience to connect with your users.

Save On Unqualified Leads

If you are reaching out to just anyone who might visit your site, you’re opening up your marketing arena to users who don’t even qualify as a targeted lead. With the help of relevant marketing, you can identify leads that qualify to move forward in your sales funnel and remove the unqualified ones from the equation.

A user remembers the marketing experience they had with your business or brand. A good experience means they will return. Be consistent with your messaging and keep in mind that the user experience is not hindered in any way. You can create marketing campaigns that let the users understand and interact with your product or business better. Instead of sending out 15 different messages to 10 target groups, send one relevant message and see how users engage.

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