Agile CRM – Zapier Integration

Agile CRM – Zapier Integration

Every growing business is in a constant state of evolution. As you grow, you consistently come across new requirements that are necessary to continue that growth. An ideal way to meet them is to look towards emerging trends and innovation in the SaaS sphere. With a growing reliance on technology to manage your business, you are likely to see an increased dependence on SaaS applications to address those requirements and streamline workflows. Once those applications are in place, they will ideally enhance the efficiency of your team. This is particularly true when you use the Agile CRM – Zapier integration. 

Unfortunately, many businesses implement 50 disparate applications, to address 50 different needs, without integrating them. This quickly becomes a problem, as managing your data separately in all those applications opens the door to data integrity issues. Not to mention the fact that managing so many applications in silos, to improve efficiency, can actually reduce it. The man-hours needed to coordinate those applications start to build up. This can create more confusion than benefits for your business. Agile CRM already provides integrations with over 50 third-party applications. And by leveraging Zapier integrations, you can sync hundreds of additional applications with your core Agile CRM system.

What are Zapier integrations and what do they do?

Think of Zapier as a multilingual translator that can help two people, speaking different languages, communicate with ease. More specifically, it’s a translator of web APIs that allows different SaaS applications to interact without language barriers. In short, Zapier integrations allow you to trigger workflows in one application while working in another.

This streamlines your ability to work dynamically with various applications while maintaining focus on key business objectives. Zapier is currently building a core ecosystem of over a thousand applications to integrate with. By leveraging these integrations, you can minimize time-consuming, administrative work and focus on higher value tasks. 

If there are two applications that you are currently using, odds are you can create a “Zap” to sync them. This allows you to easily connect two apps, and synchronize actions and workflow steps between the two. This would otherwise require programming and coding… and cost a lot more. 

Because Agile CRM features an open API, you can utilize Zapier integrations to connect a variety of applications into your daily workflow. Indeed, Zapier recognizes the value of Agile CRM in its arsenal of app connections. Last year, Zapier named Agile CRM one of the 10 fastest growing applications that it connects with. 

Zapier certainly makes us a lot happier

Agile CRM’s open API

Agile CRM was built to be comprehensive, as well as accessible and interconnected. The solution facilitates nearly every business action you need to perform, all through a single platform. With its open API, Agile CRM users have the option to integrate and leverage third-party applications to meet just about any need they have—i.e. any need that’s not already solved by Agile CRM. 

Agile CRM is, in its own right, is an excellent integration tool. It seamlessly integrates with email, social, billing, and support applications to enhance end-user productivity. Agile CRM’s social plugins for Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and LinkedIn deliver social listening features and allow businesses to connect with their customers, in a variety of ways, without leaving the CRM.

Similarly, Agile CRM allows integrations with Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange, and any IMAP provider, to enhance email efficiency. It integrates with apps like Twilio, VoIP, RingCentral, and CounterPath for telephony needs. For billing purposes, you can integrate with apps such as Stripe, FreshBooks, Xero, and  QuickBooks. Those with an eCommerce presence can leverage integrations with Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, etc.

There’s already a lot that you can do with Agile CRM’s out-of-the-box integrations. But, the Zapier integration takes multi-app synchronization to the next level. 

What can you do with the Agile CRM – Zapier integration?

The Agile CRM – Zapier integration allows users to integrate Agile CRM with over 1000 additional SaaS applications that are not currently available for direct integration with Agile CRM. These integrations allow you to automatically trigger an action in one application while working in another.

For example, let’s say a new contact or subscriber is created in your instance of InstantCustomer, an application that facilitates communication with your leads and customers. You can use Zapier to configure a workflow step that automatically syncs that contact into Agile CRM and creates a new contact record there as well.

This process also works inversely, allowing you to use third-party applications to trigger automated workflow actions in Agile CRM. For example, you can automatically create new deal milestones in Agile CRM when a new document is updated in WebMerge. You could also trigger a promotional campaign in Agile CRM when a new event is created in Eventbrite. And the list goes on. 

Bottom line

There are many possibilities to explore if you have not yet looked into the Agile CRM – Zapier integration. Agile CRM’s all-in-one capabilities allow you to manage the entire customer journey, from finding new leads, to supporting them when they become customers. With the Zapier integration, you can turn Agile CRM into your one-stop-shop for comprehensive, end-to-end business management, personalized to meet your specific needs—no matter how obscure they are.

If you’re interested in the Agile CRM – Zapier integration, read on to learn more. This integration requires that you have both an Agile CRM and Zapier account. If you don’t yet have an Agile CRM account, why not open one today? It’s free for up to 10 users, so sign up for your free account and begin to see what you could achieve with this powerful combination. 

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