6 Great WordPress Plugins for Sales Team

6 Great WordPress Plugins for Sales Team

WordPress, an easy-to-use and search engine-friendly platform, powers over 74.6 million sites. With more than 29,000 plugins, WordPress adds one new plugin added to its database every hour. It is huge.

WordPress plugins are a known entity for marketers. Jon-Mikel Bailey says that WordPress is a great platform for digital marketing. However, it is equally useful for your sales team or anyone who is looking for conversions.

Today, we will discuss six awesome WordPress plugins for sales.

1. Call Now Button

Sales is dependent on customer interaction and the best way to contact any of your potential buyers is with a call. A “Call Now” plugin for WordPress allows visitors to call you directly from the site. This plugin is visible to all your mobile visitors. With the mobile device users increasing to 56 percent, this plugin becomes a momentous opportunity to attract more new customers.

Enabling this option is easy: input the name and number and allow the calling option. This plugin offers “advanced settings” as well to ensure the users can make changes based on their preferences.

2. LiveChat

Sales reps can contact their potential customers in real-time using a LiveChat plugin. As soon as a user lands on your page, you can chat with them and see what they need. It is a powerful way to engage with your web visitors. Answer queries, recommend new products or offer discounts and coupons. For a user, timely replies when facing an issue is the first requirement from a product or service.

3. MailMunch

Another great way to contact potential customers is through email, but you need a contact list first. With MailMunch, sales reps can collect email addresses using opt-in forms. This plugin helps get more email subscribers using embedded forms, scroll box, sidebars and more. It also offers customizable themes so that you can change your forms’ look and feel. There are also tests to analyze which opt-in is getting more subscribers and check statistics.

4. Pop-up Domination

Pop-ups can be annoying if they hinder a user’s activity, but they remain one of the best ways to get email subscriptions if done right. Pop-up Domination, a lightbox opt-in, helps you gain visitors’ attention without annoying them. A food craft blogger used light-box opt-ins and attained more than 7,000 additional subscribers. Sales reps can do the same to capture more leads.

This plugin allows you to add web rules based on which of the light-box forms or pop-ups are shown on the user’s screen. You can also use these as exit-intent pop-ups based on your bounce rate and preference.

5. AdRotate

Ads are another way to convert visitors into potential customers. Ensure that your ad message pulls your visitors in. Make them want to click it. AdRotate is useful for just this purpose. Create your own ads using basic HTML/Javascript code, place them anywhere on your site, and tether banners to different web pages. It also offers analytics so that you can track the click-through rate and impressions on each ad.

6. Lead Forensics

Every web visitor is a potential customer. Even if a visitor comes to the landing page and leaves, it is important to know who the visitor was and try to convert them. This is what the Lead Forensics plugin allows you to do: track abandoned/anonymous visitors by adding a track code.

Using this track code, sales reps can identify abandoning visitors and get basic information. This lead-capturing tactic can be used by sales reps who are looking to tap visitors that are missed because of bounces.

WordPress plugins can add tremendous functionality to your site. These sales plugins assist teams who want to convert more leads. Don’t overlook the potential of those options for your business.

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