6 Awesome Zapier Integration Recipes for Agile CRM

6 Awesome Zapier Integration Recipes for Agile CRM

“Work smarter not harder.” This quote is perfectly in line with the app, Zapier, integration with which allows two different apps to sync together to perform automated action pushed by a trigger. It integrates with more than 400 other web apps to get work done faster and easier.

Zapier integration with Agile CRM is an automation powerhouse. Businesses using it can add contacts directly from Gmail to Agile CRM using “If New Mail – Create A Contact In Agile” and similar triggers and actions. This is a specific Zapier recipe, and these recipes make it easier for two apps to connect with each other.

That’s how app integration should work. According to Lars Lofgren, from KISSmetrics, integrations should add more value and be seamless, which Agile CRM offers.

Let’s discuss a few Zapier integration recipes that utilizes Agile CRM.

1. Convert New Emails to Leads

The first Zapier recipe is to get all your new contacts from Gmail integrated with Agile CRM. Adding leads directly into your CRM is easy with this app. It uses new mail threads in Gmail and adds/creates new contacts in Agile CRM.

  • Trigger: Find new email conversations or threads in the email inbox.
  • Action: Add leads in the CRM using the email address and the name from Gmail.

2. Use Form Submission to Add Leads

Zapier integration with Agile CRM allows to you to build your email list without hassle. It builds a bridge between web forms apps like Wufoo/Gravity and Agile CRM to add leads directly into the CRM.

  • Trigger: New contact entry using either Wufoo/Gravity forms.
  • Action: Add/create a new contact using the information provided in the CRM and send alert.

This integration helps you add new leads every time a user visits your landing page and fills out the form.

3. Create Tasks in Basecamp using Tags

Basecamp is a project management tool that helps Agile CRM users add team and individual tasks based on the lead activities. This Zapier recipe allows you to add tasks in Basecamp when tags are created in the CRM.

  • Trigger: Add new tag to contacts in the CRM.
  • Action: Create a new to-do in Basecamp with contact name and tag.

4. Assign Checklists

Link the web app Process Street and Agile CRM using this Zapier recipe.

  • Trigger: When a contact hits a deal milestone in Agile CRM.
  • Action: Create and assign a Process Street checklist to the sales reps.

Zapier integration allows you to choose any template from Process Street and this sheet is pre-populated with the important data.

5. Create Calendar Events

Google apps coupled with Agile CRM can get more done if you use Zapier. This integration allows Google apps to create events in your calendar using Agile CRM.

  • Trigger: When you receive a demo invite or meeting invite in your Gmail.
  • Action: Create events in the CRM and send alerts.

6. Add Notes to Contacts

The integration gets even better with ClickDesk and Agile CRM also helps create new notes in the CRM. Zapier integration with these two tools allows you to create notes when any ClickDesk account has a new chat.

  • Trigger: Receives a new chat in ClickDesk live chat.
  • Action: Create related notes in the CRM under the same contact.

Seamless integrations can help your business achieve a lot more. Get more done by combining Zapier and Agile CRM.

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