4 Tips for Local Content Marketing Success

4 Tips for Local Content Marketing Success

When you’re venturing into local content marketing, ensure that you design a unique approach and don’t replicate the traditional marketing tactics. Something that worked for a larger audience may not be feasible and fruitful for smaller communities.

Here are four things you can do for your local content marketing success.

1. Utilize Local Experts

Rather than putting all your content eggs in one business basket, reap the benefits of getting local experts on board. Get quotes and interviews with professionals who can campaign for your brand. You can also find different ways to collaborate with them. Ensure that they are not your direct competitors, and build a congenial relationship with influencers who can promote your brand organically.

We often find that consumers prefer recommendations from third-parties—and sharing content through influencers increases your reach significantly. Figure out a plan that’s mutually beneficial. Give them a mention on your website and ask them to return the favor.

2. Seize Opportunities to Expand Local Presence

Participation in local activities will give you a strong foothold in the market. Here are a few options:

● Event sponsorship
● Trade shows
● Marketing around a local cause

Don’t just look at them as networking avenues but as areas of content creation. They can get you some good, useable material. Make a pictorial of your presence at an event and write a blog on that. You also can plan your activities at the event with more focus on how you intend to help the buyers with your product.

Make a note of the trends in the locality and target them. Google Trends can be a great tool to research people’s views in an area. If you spot something relevant to your product, you can drop in a content piece.

If you have relevance in terms of content, then Google showers favors in the form of news in search engine result pages. This can boost your strength as a local player. If you are a subject expert, you can get in touch with journalists in that area and offer quotes on relevant topics.

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3. Get More Encouraging Reviews

Positive reviews are critical for any business—especially for those who want a strong local presence. If you’re set up on Google My Business, Google shows you in refined search results, and your reviews appear alongside them.

A large chunk of people depend on Google to find services, so reviews from happy customers that are shown on top of search results add credibility to your product.

4. Make the Most of Paid Social Media

Your marketing budget should include paid social media. Don’t overlook this facet of promotion. It is a great means of content distribution. Facebook offers a paid distribution plan to boost any post. However, there has to be proper strategy and content placement to get the benefits of paid reach. The right piece of content can be targeted to locals who then become paying customers.

Many social channels—such as Facebook and Twitter—promote paid content, and businesses can embrace them when the chances of getting organic traffic to these posts has dried up.

Social media platforms provide you with flexible options based on your need and spending power. These platforms can reach to different audience with a strong local presence by putting relevant ads in place. A close look at Facebook insights gets you the target audience based on age, interests, location, behavioral patterns, etc. It is a powerful metric.

With effective planning, these strategies will help you reach out to more local customers. A single, well-engineered post can kick start better customer engagement.

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