Why You Need Mobile CRM for Your Sales Agents

Why You Need Mobile CRM for Your Sales Agents

With mobile now taking a starring role in computing, businesses that are still stuck with stationary CRM systems need a big makeover and need to push themselves to gain mobility. The digital era is rising, and mobile computing is the next big weapon for your business armoury. Employers who want their employees to deliver more need to provide work accessibility, especially to employees who spend their work hours outside the office meeting clients and getting more business. Read: Your sales staff.

According to The Bridge Group, on an average, a sales agent makes 52 calls per day. However, 15 percent of those calls get stuck in the voice mail. Based on the same stats, 4.8 percent of the lead’s return calls are also stuck in the voicemail.

Sales agents who work inside and outside office needs mobility in their work so that they can take calls and email clients on-the-go. Obviously, CRMs do take care of auto-replies but then most of the times, leads require immediate assistance that can’t be kept waiting. Sales agents want to bring in productivity efficiency but more than that they require process efficiency as well.

Having a mobile CRM just means that you have access to everything on-the-go and you are at the top of things. According to a research by Innoppl Technologies, 65 percent of sales reps who work for the business that adopted mobile CRM have successfully achieved their sales quota.

In another study by Nucleus Research, mobile CRM has found to increase productivity by 15 percent.
A sales reps can do a lot with a mobile CRM and it is just not producing more but being efficient at their jobs.

Here’s how mobile CRM can help sales agents:

1. Seize Opportunities and Close More Deals

Having a mobile CRM means you are not missing out new lead’s information or delaying continuous responses from the lead. You can work around your time, get all the new lead’s information in your CRM as and when you find it (in or outside the office). You can reply to your lead’s queries even when you are not around your system. The database is not miles away but right in front of you, so make use of it.

Instead of leaving a quick reply saying “I’ll get back to you soon”, you can just get the proper response by answering every question leads have by analyzing your communication history. In case, a lead wants to close the deal and asks for additional offers, you can pitch that as well without any delay by going over your past deal offers.

2. Be On Top Of Every Task

A mobile CRM makes it easier for sales agents to be on top of everything they are doing. There are not under constant worry about their availabliy if a fellow agent needs any information on a lead or  if you need to connect with a lead who is in a different time zone or if your manager calls in for some important documents or update. As a sales agent, you realize you have access to everything on your mobile and you will be available if the need arises.

This ,especially, is useful when your lead is trying to get in contact and you know you can actively communicate with them or stall them till the time you reach to a destination where you can call them.

Having a mobile CRM just means that you have access to everything on-the-go and you are at the top of things. Click To Tweet

3. Real-time Alerts for Real-time Responses

There’s a mantra for sales agents; even a five-minute delay can result in a lost opportunity. So think how many opportunities they would have missed if they did not have mobile CRM. Another reason CRM mobility is advantageous is that sales agents can provide real-time responses to their leads or fellow agents even when on-the-go.

What if you just got out of a sales call and you had to head out of the office to meet a client, suddenly the last lead mails you asking another set of questions. With mobile CRM, you can quickly reassure and answer all your leads’ questions while you are on your way to another one.

4. Be Prepared and Stay Focused

Sales agents are always juggling with things – emails, calls, demo calls, scheduling calendars, meetings and more. Even if you are under the impression that you have got everything right, you might have just missed something. However, with mobile CRM you can directly access your database and check if you missed something. Let’s say you have a demo call with a lead but you are busy running for other errands. Instead of making the lead wait, you can send a mail for re-schedule.

You know you have the data in the palm of your hand, so you know you can head-out to an impromptu meeting with a lead and still be well-prepared. You can stay focused because you have everything you need right there with you.

There is a lot of value to have a mobile CRM, as you are less dependent on squeezing everything in one-set time. Now you have a choice to get in more, send out proper follow-ups and close deals in less time.
Agile CRM also makes remote working easy, productive and efficient. The new Agile CRM app is a powerful tool that will help sales agents acquire, retain and service more customers.

Our new Android app offer lead nurturing, telephony, web engagement, contact management, appointment scheduling, deal management and more. Sales agents don’t need to get back to the office to make their important calls or send invoices or add new information on the lead. They can create and trigger email campaigns, dial calls to leads, take notes while on the call, get meeting alerts, download documents and more from their mobile CRM.

You can download the app for free and if you are an existing user of Agile CRM then you don’t have to pay anything extra. Even without that, you get the first 10 users for free and if you want to include more features then you can switch to other paid plans. Agile CRM is not making the CRM affordable for your business but now you also get easy mobility. Get easy access to your database from anywhere, at any time.

So if you haven’t downloaded the app yet then get it today. And you can carry your business in your pocket.

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