5 Ways Your Sales Team Can Leverage Click Tracking

5 Ways Your Sales Team Can Leverage Click Tracking

Sales has become the primary function of every business, and every effort from other departments, ultimately boils down to getting more numbers and making more conversions. In the age of the internet and web-based approach to sales, the reps have got into hitherto unseen avenues to measure the effectiveness of the campaigns that get them sales ready prospects. The advent of ‘Click Tracking’ made things simpler with sales reps putting more focus on actionable areas that specifically help a business.

There are many benefits of click tracking ranging from designing a better lead scoring process to checking customer engagement levels.

Here are five ways your sales reps can make the most of click tracking.

1) Score leads based on email open rates

Sales reps can score leads based on how actively their prospects are opening sales and marketing material. The more email opens and clicks within an email, the more likely the prospect is ready to buy. Once you get a report on email opens, you can more easily apply the 80-20 rule of focusing 80 percent of your effort on the top 20 percent of your prospects.

Open and click tracking is an easy-to-implement feature that gives your sales team the superpower to focus on the hottest leads first. Good CRM systems such as Agile CRM integrate open rate and click tracking directly with contact information for easy lead scoring based on this data.


Source: Marketingproguide.com

2) Website visits to check customer engagement levels

A company’s website is loaded with many links – about the company, product features, free trials, case studies, product demo and many more. The brand has to understand what users want, care about and interact with on their website through clicks, taps and scrolling behavior. Hotjar is a very effective tool for click tracking on the website and getting an in-depth analysis through heatmaps, recordings, form analysis, feedback polls and surveys.


Source: Mytotalretail.com

3) A/B testing in email sales pitches

A great way to get new customers and retain old ones for repeat business is via newsletters and email campaigns. The good side of it is that you work with a prospect or customer base that’s interested to receive information from you. As most of them are already associated with your business, it’s easy to retain them than to grab new customers.

Whenever you are trying out new formats for email campaigns, it’s important to run A/B tests. You can make a large difference by improving conversion rates and knowing which of the campaigns work out well.

Take a look at the results once you have run your email campaign (with the two different email versions) and focus on the open rate and click-through rate. If an email leads to 20% of readers clicking through to your website and another one leads to 10%, then the first email should result in 50% more conversions than the second one.


Source: Techcrunch.com

4) Discover needs through landing pages

Landing pages highlight different aspects of your company’s products and services. Use these landing pages as a way to discover the specific needs of your prospect.

With CRM systems such as Agile CRM, you can track what pages your prospects visit on your company’s site, and use this information to understand what is capturing the interest of the prospect. You then can work this knowledge into your sales pitch for the prospect, deepening your chances of success.

This is arguably one of the most useful sales features that a CRM system can provide.

5) Know when to close

The ideal time for sales follow-up is when a prospect is actively looking at your email or company’s web site. In this moment is a golden opportunity for advancing or even closing the sale.

Use click tracking notifications that alert your staff when a prospect is actively reading an email or visiting a page. You then can follow up a few minutes later, making it seem like the timing of your response was perfectly.

‘Click tracking’ simplifies the sales process by offering an easy approach to track the prospects and convert them into customers. A better understanding of all the ways of click tracking enables the sales reps to turn potential buyers into loyal customers.

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