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Getting Started with Agile CRM

Getting Started with Landing Pages

Landing page is a web page which serves the primary reason of capturing the details of the visitor through the form. Agile CRM provides a very simple drag and drop Visual Designer for landing page creation so that marketers can create the landing pages on their own. The beauty of the Agile CRM is that you can include the Agile CRM forms into the landing pages so that the contacts gets created automatically without any technical support.

In this Getting Started Guide, we’ll learn how to create and publish the landing pages.

Click on Landing pages on the Menu Bar. Once clicked, the complete list of landing pages created will be shown.


Note: The Agile CRM UI Layout and color can be modified as per your interest. It can be done in Theme & Layout section. We have modified the layout and the new layout looks like this.

The following are important points to know in the landing page home screen.

    • Name: This is the name of the landing page created. The landing page can be modified by clicking on the Name.
    • View: The Landing page can be previewed and tested on the Agile CRM generated url.
    • Publish: The Landing page will be published on your domain.
    • Add Landing Page: Click on the button to create a new landing page.

Create Landing Pages

Click on Add Landing Page. It will take you a step closer to the landing page editor where you can create your own landing page.

Click on Campaign

We have build some pre default Landing Page templates for you.You have multiple options to pick from. Select any one and Click Go. It will directly take you to the Landing Page Editor with the selected template of Landing Page. If you don’t want to use any of the existing templates and create your own then Click on Custom.

Click on Campaign

You will be navigated to landing page editor to create/modify the landing pages. It is a very easy to use drag and drop visual designer. The following are the important points to know in the landing page editor screen.

Click on Campaign
    • Elements: These are the drag and drop elements to create the landing page. Every thing which you can think of for landing page creation are part of the elements. If you are building a new one , please make sure you drag the Layout -> Container first.
    • Click on Campaign
    • Advanced: These are the advanced settings for the elements dragged into the visual designer. You can do actions like setting the padding, margins, backgrounds etc. This list varies based on the elements selected.
    • Click on Campaign
    • Code Editor: This is where you have the automatically generated code for the Landing page. Its been divided into three sections like HTML, CSS and JS.
    • Preview: This is to have the preview of the landing page. It is available for different screen sizes like Mobile, Tab, Desktop etc.
    • Page options: This is available at the bottom of the Landing page editor. You can make your landing page SEO friendly by providing the Meta Title, Description and Keywords.

Drag and drop the Elements required for designing the Landing Pages from the Elements section of the Landing Page editor.

Double click on any element in the Landing page editor and you can edit the properties like the Font, size etc of that particular Element there itself. The properties varies for each element.

Click on Campaign

Provide a name to the Landing Page Click on Save Landing Page to save the changes made to the Landing Page.

Publish Landing Page

A Landing Page is available for use once it’s published. Following are the steps for publishing landing pages.

There are 2 steps to publish the Landing Page.

1. CNAME Settings in Domain Registrar:

This is to let your domain registrar know that the pages hosted on Agile CRM should be allowed to be shown to the visitors visiting the landing page. The following are the simple steps of configuring CNAME.

    • Navigate to the DNS Settings in your domain registrar.
    • Specify the HOST. This is generally the subdomain on which we want to associate the landing page.
    • Specify the DESTINATION: Always specify “”
    • Save and Exit.

Note: Below are links to CNAME setup instructions provided by some of the popular domain registrar services.

    • GoDaddy
    • BlueHost
    • NameCheap

2. Settings in Agile CRM:

Following are the steps to be followed in Agile CRM for publishing the Landing Page. Navigate to the Landing page Home and click Publish on the Landing page to be published.

Click on Campaign

Provide the following.

    • Subdomain: This is the same as what is specified in HOST.
    • Domain Name: This is the web domain registered with the domain registrar.
    • Optional Directory: This is an optional one. The main reason of having this field is that you can publish multiple landing pages under one CNAME. Specify this value then you can have multiple landing pages under one CNAME.

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