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All-in-One CRM

Automate your sales, marketing, and service in one platform. Avoid data leaks and enable consistent messaging.



Make the most of Agile's modern features & integrations, easy implementation and great support at an affordable price.



Cloud based SaaS service that is mobile-ready, fast, and simple to use.

All-in-One CRM

Supercharge your sales, marketing, and service​


Enable your business to provide customer experience that’s more personalized


Improve customer relations by querying and analyzing their feedback

Knowledge base
Knowledge Base

Enabling a self-service portal to help customers help themselves

Ticketing feature

Powerful ticketing feature to resolve customer queries quickly

Smart views
Smart Views

Assign conditions to prioritize tickets and view them on the dashboard

Canned Responses

Pre-formatted replies to ensure fast and consistent responses to common questions.

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09 in APR
Product Updates

Product Updates

May 05, 2017 ( Version: 43.0)
  • Added Phone number, Address, State, City, Zip on companies static filters
  • Now we can select fields for exporting Contacts/Companies
  • Provided an option to choose 'Ticket ID' in Ticket subject for the end user
  • Enhanced auto refreshment of page for a new ticket generation
  • We have hide 'Trash' for non Admin users
  • Enhanced 'Won Deals' feature, where in the user can see the emails of Contact/Companies
  • Added 'Favicon' upload option under page settings of 'Landing Pages'
  • Added an option to disable 'Categories' in Knowledge Base
  • Restricted the Free plan users to access Knowledge Base and Feedback, displaying a message to upgrade the plan
  • Fixed an issue with ‘Tickets’ not getting created, due to server overload
  • Added new feature, now sync Contacts & Companies data with Hubspot
  • Drupal 7.0 version has been introduced
  • Now, multiple forms will work for single webpage, this is only for newly created forms
  • We have added RHS filters on ‘Deals’
  • Added ACL's for 'Videos'
  • Added an option to show/hide the 'Form Name' in ‘Form Builder’ settings
  • Added an 'Image Group' block under Email Template Builder'
  • Modified the 'Feedback Report' icons from Awesome, Good, etc., now showing only 'Good' and 'Bad'
  • Fixed issue, removed the signature when Agent adds a Private note to the ticket
  • Now 'Merge Fields' works on direct emails
  • Ringcentral - Upgrading version files and Enabling Widget
  • We are now supporting Portuguese language for our Agile Dashboard
  • Added zaps for Help Desk (New Ticket Trigger and Create Ticket action)
  • Added ‘Office 365’ data sync widget
  • Now we have ACL's for ‘Deals Export’
  • ‘Online Calendar’ is now in 24hrs format
  • Added SMS ‘Delivered’ and ‘Failed’ events on trigger
  • Users can now sort ‘Contacts’ based on ‘Last called /Last Emailed’
  • Added new feature, 'Getting Started' steps for Sales, Marketing, and Service modules
  • Added ‘Video Emails’ as a separate entity
  • Added ‘Videos Count’ in ‘All Domain’ stats report
  • Added a new feature, 'Smartview' using this feature, we get to know who is viewing the same contact details, deal details and campaign workflows
  • Added new feature, now we have ‘URL’ and ‘Currency Custom’ fields for Contacts/Companies/Deals
  • Enhanced ‘Set Owner Round Robin’ at Node level
  • Enhanced storing Contacts/Companies, now whenever a new Contacts/Companies is added, the Country field in the form automatically get fills
  • Added a new ‘Social Share’ block under ‘Email Template Builder’
  • Added ‘Date Field’ in ‘Form Builder’ for mapping the default and custom contact type agile fields
  • Added ‘Documents List’ field in form settings
  • Enhanced ‘Set Owner Round Robin’ at Node level
  • Added two new email template under Newsletter category
  • Contacts/Companies data in Trash will be automatically deleted after 30 days
  • Added detailed ‘Lost Deals’ analysis report
  • Added Time based Merge Fields. For example:
  • Today : {{current_date}}
    Tomorrow : {{current_date +1}}
    Yesterday : {{current_date -1}}
    Next Week : {{current_date 7}}

  • Updated the dashboard “Side Menu Bar” with “New Icons”
  • Enhanced ‘Campaign Scaling’
  • Added condition for ‘email replied’ in “trigger campaigns”
  • Enhanced JSON node that allows to post data in JSON format
  • Fixed email address field which was not accepting emails in different format
  • Added SIP.JS ‘Telephony’ widget.
  • Added ‘Email Fetch’ widget under ‘Social Widgets’, wherein ‘Email Address’ is fetched by mapping the ‘Website Domain’ and ‘First & Last Name’ from ‘Contacts Info Page’.
  • Added a new option under ‘Deals’ that allows to view ‘Untouched Deals’ for selected number of days .
  • Added new templates in ‘Form Builder’ based on themes (5-Bootstrap,5- Metro, 5-Flat , 5-Material).
  • Added new ‘Twitter App’ for ‘Social Suite’.
  • Added a new ‘Push Notification Popup’ template that looks like ‘Chrome Push Popup’.
  • Added new feature to ‘Recently Viewed List’ wherein ‘Tickets’ can be seen.
  • Added ‘Add Tickets’ node under ‘Campaigns’.
  • Added new feature ‘Social Share’ block under ‘Footer’ facet in ‘Landing Page Builder’.
  • Enhanced ‘Contact List’ with new UI.
  • Added new feature to ‘Ticketing’ wherein, while creating a Ticket, if the email contains a reply-to email address [reply-address], all subsequent replies to the ticket are sent to that email address [reply-address].
  • Enhanced ‘Article’s List Page’ by adding a column named ‘Status’ that differentiates the article status [Published or Private].
  • Added new feature in ‘Chrome Extension’ named ‘Add New Template’ in email templates drop down in Gmail .
  • Added new options in ‘Chrome Extension’ by segregating ‘Email Templates’ drop down into ‘Templates’ and ‘Videos’ and showing videos under ‘Videos’ section.
  • Added a new ‘Status Change Trigger’ in ‘Ticketing’, with campaign name ‘Runs a campaign on Contact, when a ticket status is changed’.
  • Enhanced ‘Email gateway Feature’, wherein emails will go from default email gateway, when SMTP & Gmail Oauth fail to send.
  • Added an option for ‘Deals Export’ that allows the users to select the headers or columns based on the requirements.
  • Enhanced ‘Responsive Webrules’ by showing ‘Close Icon’ inside the popup.
  • Added ‘Faster CSV Contacts Import’ for client side import of contacts, along with normal import.
  • Added new template named ‘Minimalistic’ for ‘Ticketing Emails’.
  • Added ‘Alerts’ for ‘Clicked & Open’ nodes.
  • Added ‘Nexmo’ messaging widget under ‘Telephony’.
  • Added ‘Custom Field’ option in ‘Import’ feature, allowing to map data during import of contacts, companies and deals.
  • Enhanced ‘Inbound’ and ‘Outbound’ for ‘Asterisk’ telephony widget.
  • Enhanced ‘Email Invitation Checkbox’ option, where the selected state (Checked or Unchecked) remains same for the domain, until the state is changed.
  • Enhanced ‘Color Types’ for ‘Deals’ with light colors.
  • Added a new ‘Email’ feature that sends the campaign emails from ‘Outbound SMTP’.
  • Added logic to capture & save geolocation data (latitude & longitude) for contacts & companies.
  • Enhanced ‘LinkedIn Sales Prospect’ in Chrome extension. Now displaying 100 search results instead of 10.
  • Added ‘Drupal Plugin’ that supports Drupal version 8.
  • Added ‘Joomla Plugin’ on the website for Joomla users.
  • Enhanced ‘Domain Key Settings’ feature with ‘Send Email’ option.
  • Added a new block ‘Image+Caption’ in ‘Content Blocks’, under email template builder.
  • Enhanced ‘Image Block’ feature under email template builder that allows image customization to full size of the block.
  • Added ‘Three New Languages (Italian, Russian & French)’ under ‘Preferences’.
  • Enhanced ‘Chrome Extension’ functionality that supports ‘LinkedIn New Version’.
  • Enhanced ‘Dial Pad’ with ‘Alpha-Numeric’ options.
  • Enhanced ‘Twilio Outbound CallerId’ feature in ‘Contact Edit Page’ to allow users to make direct calls from the outbound number dropdown menu.

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