Zendesk Integration now in Agile CRM

Zendesk Agile CRM integration

Small businesses often struggle with keeping track of customer questions, concerns and comments. Agile CRM’s new Zendesk integration makes it easy to create, answer and record customer service issues/tickets directly in the CRM. We chose to provide Zendesk integration because Zendesk is a leading helpdesk suite, currently used by over 40,000 companies such as Disney and Box. With just a few clicks, you can integrate your Zendesk account into Agile, harnessing the power of the CRM’s single-page contact view to see customer service issues (and resolutions) right alongside sales and marketing data.

Agile is in Open Beta


After over 65 man-years of development work to create the world’s first fully-integrated sales and marketing suite, we couldn’t be more excited to announce the open beta release of Agile CRM! Sign up today to take advantage of Agile CRM – a slick CRM, powerful marketing automation platform, web analytics powerhouse and integrated social suite, all in one. We created Agile CRM to give small businesses the sales and marketing power of the Fortune 500, and we’re thrilled to share this powerful new tool with small businesses around the world. Our closed beta was launched in Techcrunch Disrupt Startup Alley.

Social Media Marketing now in Agile CRM

Today’s social consumer is always on, which means that the conversations about your industry are happening 24/7. While big business hires outside consultants to monitor social media traffic and try to pull leads from the noise, small business has too often been left in the cold.

Agile CRM is excited to announce the first leg in our groundbreaking Social Suite – a powerful new Twitter client with full sales pipeline integration. Agile’s Social Suite offers marketing automation that leads to actionable data, all directly from your Agile CRM — no clumsy integration with other social media clients, no lost conversations, just a fountain of new leads and sales opportunities.

Social CRM

Agile CRM – Social Media Monitoring

Why We Built Agile CRM


As an entrepreneur, nothing is more thrilling than receiving positive feedback and increasing your new product’s success. Months of hard work are just starting to pay off, and you are slowly starting to venture out of your garage and see the sunlight. The first few customers are immensely exciting – you’re on a first name basis, knowing them well enough to talk to them multiple times a day, and they’ve helped you shape your product to where it stands. But then, the more successful you get, the more troubling it gets to manage communication with all of your customers. Every small or medium business can relate to this hurdle. We faced this exact issue with ClickDesk, our first baby.