Agile CRM for Ecommerce Companies

Success in the competitive realm of Ecommerce demands a combination of smart campaigns, smart user engagement, and smart analytics. Whether you’re running an E-tailer (the hip new word for a shop-like online retailer with a virtual storefront), a B2B E-commerce site, or something in between, Agile CRM will help you build a smart business. With its seamless design, remarkable affordability, and range of features specifically designed for eCommerce startups and businesses, Agile CRM is a leading Ecommerce CRM.

While other CRMs on the market can help eCommerce sites with analytics and some aspects of sales, Agile provides a complete sales and marketing solution, integrating cutting-edge CRM functionality with MA (Marketing Automation) features for user engagement and retention. These integrated features make Agile CRM the most powerful and efficient E-Commerce CRM for SMBs and SMEs:

  • Address Cart Abandonment: Many eCommerce customers don’t really want to leave their shopping cart, they just get distracted or feel indecisive. Agile CRM makes it easy to address cart abandonment with perfectly timed messages or timely coupons tied to user behavior.

Cart Abandonment

  • Automated User Management: Forget about static profiles or segregated sales and marketing customer databases. Agile CRM automates user signups and lets you continuously enrich customer profiles.

User Management

  • The Smartest Campaigns on the Block: Agile’s suite of drag-and-drop promotional campaigns are the most dynamic in the industry. Whether you’re sticking to email or going multi-channel, let us help you manage smarter campaigns based on user behavior.

Smart Campaigns

  • User Engagement: E-Commerce users thrive on being engaged and catered to. Agile CRM will help you set up personalized pop-ups and web grabbers to address exit intent and offer timely content.

Web Grabbers

  • Analytics, Metrics, and Reports: Our analytics, metrics and reports are the best in the industry. From newsletter signups over time to a customer or set of customers’ specific buying habits, Agile CRM lets you make smarter decisions based on thorough analysis, presented in clear, graphical formats.

Web Analytics

  • No Hidden Costs: Many CRMs charge extra for advanced features such as cohort analysis, channel tracking or personalized web grabbers, but Agile CRM offers all of these features for free, even for free accounts.

In addition to this complete suite of best-in-class eCommerce features, Agile CRM offers free, seamless integration with a huge range of plugins, highlighted by the SaaS products that eCommerce sites depend on, such as ClickDesk and Twilio. Click here for a list of currently supported plugins (we’re constantly adding more). We look forward to hearing about your E-commerce success story with Agile CRM!

LinkedOut – Agile CRM Forced to Discontinue LinkedIn Integration

LinkedIn CRM

As strong believers in open source development and partnerships that stretch across economic lines, the team at Agile CRM was highly discouraged to receive this recent note from LinkedIn:

“We have reviewed your application and believe that your product violates LinkedIn’s API Terms of Use. In accordance with Section I.C, you are required to be accepted into a LinkedIn Partner Programs in order to use our APIs for applications that are used for hiring, marketing, or sales. For example, employee hiring, company marketing or monitoring, lead generation, relationship management, systematic matching of people with their LinkedIn profile, or anything with a similar feature or purpose. We appreciate your interest in using LinkedIn APIs.”

Wufoo Integration in Agile CRM

Many Agile CRM users build awesome, dynamic forms using Wufoo, so Agile was destined to become a killer Wufoo CRM. We are excited to announce a quick and easy Wufoo CRM integration in Agile that lets you seamlessly push Wufoo form submissions into Agile contacts, and much more.

Wufoo Integration

Agile aims to be the simplest and most powerful Wufoo CRM on the market for small businesses who want to close data leaks and develop an integrated sales and marketing pipeline.

Google Apps – Agile CRM Integration

Agile now integrates seamlessly with your favorite Google Apps, and we’ve even developed an Agile CRM Gadget for use within Gmail. Many businesses these days rely on Google Apps such as Gmail, Google Contacts, Google Calendar and Google Drive, for both productivity (collaborative documents and spreadsheets) and logistics (contact info and calendars), and one of the most requested features for Agile CRM has been integration with these apps.

Google Apps CRM

Agile CRM for SaaS Companies

Agile is the ultimate Saas CRM, optimized for SaaS companies of every shape and form, whether startups or market leaders. In fact, many Agile features were developed precisely to solve the problems faced by growing SaaS businesses.

Web Engage your visitors with Smart Popups

Agile CRM’s awesome new Web Grabbers allow you to send personalized messages to web visitors at just the right time.

web engagement agile

web engagement

Web grabbers aren’t advertisements – they’re platforms for user engagement. They take the form of popups or stickies and can ask a question, present a time-sensitive offer, give helpful hints, prompt users to subscribe to a blog or newsletter, say a simple “Hello, thanks for stopping by,” or just ask a visitor if they’re sure they want to leave a page (exit intent). They pop up based on user behavior, according to rules that you set yourself in your Agile account. Agile users now have access to over 20 free, completely customizable Web Grabber templates based on the latest trends in web design and optimized user experience. These aren’t your grandma’s popups!

Getting Started # 2 – Web Analytics in Agile CRM

Understanding your customers is fundamental to closing more sales. You need to gather information from all available sources if you want to understand prospects’ needs and interests, so you can pitch them the right services and products at the right time. One such source that is often not taken into account is your website itself. Information about what prospects do on your website can provide fantastic insights into what their needs are – even before you interact with them. Tracking website visitors is particularly important for businesses where content marketing is a primary source of web traffic.

VoIP now in Agile CRM


Agile CRM now offers VoIP (SIP) Telephony Integration, allowing you to make, receive, and analyze calls without ever leaving your Agile dashboard. Our SIP Telephony integration is now in beta, so this is a perfect time to try it out by adding the Telephony widget to your Agile CRM account.

Getting Started # 1 – Integrate Agile CRM with Gmail / IMAP


Let’s face it – email is still the preferred means of communication at work. This is particularly true if your business regularly interacts with customers. Even if you use a CRM for storing customer data, you probably prefer to communicate with those same customers using your email software. The problem is that this can create information silos for the sales department, resulting in lower productivity and lost customer data. When customers’ contact info and sales histories are stored in a CRM, it’s counterproductive and confusing to store communication histories separately in email software.

Marketing Automation for Small Businesses

It’s a story as old as time: sales blames marketing for the lack of quality leads, while marketing blames sales for not acting on the leads at the right time. When nobody has real stats to back up their value judgements (or when the right leads are contacted at the wrong time), the arguments go on forever and nothing gets done.

Marketing and Sales Blame