QuickBooks Integration in Agile CRM

QuickBooks Integration in Agile CRM

Many modern businesses rely on Intuit’s QuickBooks software to manage all of their finances, from payments and invoicing to payroll and bookkeeping, and we’re excited to announce a new CRM integration with the popular online accounting solution.

Agile CRM’s QuickBooks integration lets you manage payments and invoices directly from contact pages in the CRM. The plugin also displays past invoices, with itemized details, right on contact pages in the CRM. It’s a tremendously useful way to stay up-to-date on your customers’ financial relationship with your company.

New Facebook Integration for Agile CRM

Facebook Intgration

In addition to our popular Social Suite, which lets you post, schedule and automate tweets on Twitter, many companies use Agile’s social media plugins to turn Agile into a dynamic social CRM. Adding widgets to your CRM account makes it easy to monitor your brand on social media and engage contacts in the social universe from their contact pages in the CRM. This is especially useful because our 360-degree contact view includes a complete contact timeline, web stats, info on deals with the contact, and more, putting the info you need for productive social media interaction right at your fingertips.

Our new Facebook Widget is specifically designed for companies wishing to grow their business using Facebook’s innovative features, such as posting to a customer’s Facebook wall, directly from the contact page in the CRM. Engaging with your leads and contacts on social media has never been so easy.

RingCentral Integration in Agile CRM

Agile CRM’s new RingCentral integration is designed to help your business turn calls into deals. RingCentral is a business phone system provider offering local and toll-free numbers to subscribers, who can choose from available 800 numbers or opt to get their own area code for their business phone number. Agile users with a RingCentral account can use the new integration to know exactly who’s calling and view the customer’s history before answering a call, receive in-app & HTML5 notifications about calls, and push callers to contacts in the CRM with Agile’s innovative caller-to-lead technology.

RingCentral integration in Agile CRM

Xero Integration in Agile CRM

Xero Integration in Agile CRMWe are pleased to announce the new Agile CRM Xero plugin. Xero is a cloud-based accounting and payroll software that offers a streamlined interface and unlimited collaboration with your staff and advisors. With almost 300,000 users in over 100 countries, Xero is a popular QuickBooks alternative for SMBs. Agile’s new Xero integration lets small business owners track and manage payments and invoices – and view billing histories – without ever leaving the Agile CRM dashboard.

Unbounce Integration in Agile CRM

UnbounceLanding pages can make or break an online business. With proven templates, one-click publishing and A/B testing, Unbounce has become the leading landing page builder and tester for marketers. Unbounce has major clients such as Canon, Amazon.com and Intuit, but the cool thing is that they’ve made their sophisticated landing page technology available to businesses of every size and budget. They eliminate the need for IT when your SMB needs new landing pages or a landing-page makeover to increase conversions.

Our new Agile CRM Unbounce integration makes sure that data gathered from Unbounce landing pages makes its way to the right place in Agile, automatically.

New Access Controls in Agile CRM

The Agile CRM landscape extends in many directions at once, so we’re always looking for ways to help users stay focused on the most relevant tasks. We are excited to announce the first round of Access Controls (ACLs) in Agile, designed to help you control which users can access which data/features. ACLs increase productivity by letting users worry only about what’s most important.

Access Controls in Agile CRM

The new Agile CRM Access Control feature lets the administrator define which features each user has access to: Calendar, Deals, Campaigns, Cases, etc. Once a user’s specific privileges have been defined, that user will only be able to see the selected items/features. The selected items will automatically appear in the user’s top menu when they log into the Agile CRM dashboard.

Why define different levels of access for different users? It’s all about focus, that powerful combination of attention and intention.

Sales and Marketing Funnel

As Agile is a complete sales and marketing CRM, using it might be the first time that your sales and marketing teams (and your social media team and your data analysts…) are using the same core software to manage the lead-to-deal (random-prospect-to-eternal customer?) pipeline. The ACL feature lets you segment your staff and teams clearly and productively.

For example, our beta users have found that their marketing staff doesn’t necessarily need access to Deals – SMB marketers generally focus on Campaigns and Web Rules, generating and nurturing leads and priming them for the sales team. Similarly, sales leaders work with Contacts and Deals and generally don’t need access to Campaigns or Web Rules.

Of course, this might be different at your organization, especially if you’re running a startup where everyone has uniquely defined, perhaps overlapping roles. That’s why we’ve made ACLs in Agile CRM customizable to your specific needs.

Note: Currently all users have access to Contacts (after all, Agile is a CRM at its core!). However, in the next iteration of the ACL feature we will be adding the ability to limit which users are able to create, edit or delete contacts.

Don’t have a free CRM account yet? Sign up today. And while you’re thinking about workflows and productivity, don’t forget to check out our powerful new drag-and-drop project management feature.

New Agile CRM Chrome Extension

Chrome CRM Extension

Google Chrome is a powerful web browser for laptops, desktops, mobile phones and tablets. Chrome has become particularly popular, surpassing Microsoft’s Internet Explorer earlier this month in terms of total web browser usage, thanks to its minimalist design and growing list of useful extensions. We’re excited to share the new Agile CRM extension for Google Chrome. The free plugin includes email templates, email and link tracking, real-time notifications and contact and deal management, all from within your web browser. You can even fetch essential contact data from social media with just the click of a button.

Project Management in Agile CRM

Let’s be honest. “Project management” should really be called “task management.” Small business owners know that no project can be equated with just one task, and even after a project such as a new feature for your SaaS site or a new marketing strategy for your next line of products is completed, it’s never really done. Every task leads to new sets of tasks and it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. Effective task management starts with managing tasks in the place where they need to get done, and Agile CRM’s in-built Project Management feature makes managing all of your tasks – from calls you need to make, to email campaigns for a team member to launch – as easy as drag-and-drop.

Agile CRM Task Management

Agile CRM is the Smart Salesforce Alternative

Salesforce is great for the Fortune 500, but today’s entrepreneurs want something leaner and more in tune with their actual needs. SMBs should never be forced to buy expensive external products or plugins simply to make their sales software integrate with their marketing efforts. As a complete sales and marketing suite at a fraction of the cost, Agile CRM is emerging as the smart Salesforce alternative. In addition to next-gen “traditional” CRM tools such as 360-degree contact management and lead scoring, Agile offers robust marketing automation, web engagement, payments and reports.

Salesforce Alternative

Agile CRM is a small business aimed at small businesses, but that doesn’t mean we’re holding back or scaling down. Au contraire! We’re just not interested in wasting your time or wasting your money.  We’d rather save you time and make you money, and here’s how.

New Agile CRM WordPress Plugin

WordPress Plugin

WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and Content Management System (CMS). Currently used by over 20% of the top 10 million websites, the popular platform powers everything from corporate websites to personal blogs (we even use WordPress for this blog!). We are excited to introduce the new Agile CRM WordPress plugin. The powerful CRM extension for WordPress gives small business owners and bloggers instant access to Agile’s smart popups, real-time notifications, web tracking and sophisticated web-to-lead technology.