Mobile Marketing – SMS Integration in Agile CRM

Texting, texting, 1, 2, 3! We’re excited to announce mobile marketing integration in Agile CRM. If you really want to interact with customers where they live and work, it’s essential to reach out through smartphones, cellphones and mobile devices. The much-anticipated new feature lets you include SMS messaging (“texting”) in campaigns. The texts can be automatically personalized however you want (with first name, business name, location, etc.), and integrated into any number of marketing automation campaigns.

Mobile Marketing in Agile CRM

Mobile marketing is a key to customer engagement in today’s marketplace. You can now use auto responders to send mobile messages in response to contact actions, and behavior-based targeting to reach the right audience at just the right time. Typical mobile auto responders include welcome messages to increase conversions and personalized product discounts to combat cart abandonment. Behavior-based mobile campaigns are often used for billing/subscriptions, product updates and seasonal promotions.

How it works:

  • Automation: Our new SMS integration makes it easy to run automated drip marketing campaigns that include a mobile element. Cross-platform campaigns are a great way to both improve your marketing automation and get better analytics about where and how your messages are working.

Mobile Marketing Automation

  • Scheduling: Easily schedule mobile messages to be delivered at an effective date and time, including timezone modification.

SMS Scheduling

  • Personalization: As with all of our features for customer engagement, mobile messages can be personalized to increase conversions and customer loyalty.

SMS Personalization

  • Drag-and-drop: Does our new mobile marketing integrate with our popular drag-and-drop campaign designer. Of course!

The beta version of Agile’s mobile marketing feature is currently available only for users who also have a Twilio account. Read our Twilio CRM integration page for more info.

Don’t have an Agile account yet? Sign up today. It’s free for up to 2 users.

Periodic Triggers in Agile CRM

Our developers are always working to save you time and help make your sales and marketing campaigns more efficient and effective. We’re pleased to announce that you can now create periodic triggers for campaigns in Agile. Automatically trigger a campaign to wish your customers “happy birthday”, send personalized discounts or exclusive offers every month, send weekly news updates, launch daily onboarding emails, and more. These new periodic triggers can be easily customized to fit your specific business goals.

Period Triggers in Agile CRM

Online Appointment Scheduling

Scheduling appointments for customers and prospects can be a daunting task for any growing business. Due to popular demand, we’re excited to announce a new online appointment scheduling tool in Agile CRM. The interactive tool lets you put an appointment calendar on your site or app. Leads and customers then choose from open time slots. It’s that easy. Plus, sales pros will love this aspect of the feature: you can now integrate appointment/calendar invites into automated campaigns in Agile!

Online Appointment Scheduling in Agile CRM

ACL II – Contacts and Sensitive Data

Access Controls in Agile CRM

Sales and contact data is critical to today’s businesses, and protecting it is an absolute must. Our first Access Control List feature in Agile CRM gave admins control over which users were able to access which features. We’re excited to announce an enhanced ACL feature in the CRM. To boost the quality and security of your essential business data, the new, expanded ACL tool lets you control what users are able to do with contacts in the CRM, from contact creation to importing and exporting.

Stripe 2-Way Sync

Agile CRM Stripe integration has proven to be a very popular way for companies managing customer payments. Whether you’re running an online marketplace or a SaaS product, once you integrate your CRM account with Stripe‘s developer-friendly payments infrastructure, you can see payment histories and  subscription details right on contact pages in Agile. But how do you ensure that both products stay up-to-date in terms of contact info and extended payment details? We’re excited to announce that our enhanced Stripe integration now includes automated 2-way sync.

Stripe Integration in Agile CRM

Mandrill Marketing Automation in Agile CRM

Mandrill CRM Integration

The results are in: email is still the most effective digital marketing tool around. Mandrill from Mailchimp is a scalable and highly reliable email infrastructure service that helps companies deliver emails in milliseconds, all over the world. Businesses with a high email volume will be excited about our new Mandrill Marketing Automation in Agile CRM, which lets you send emails right from Agile via the Mandrill gateway. No coding required!

Office 365, Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Integration

Our 360-degree contact view just got even bigger and better. You can now sync your Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 or Outlook email server with Agile CRM to automatically pull customer conversations into the CRM. It’s a seamless 2-way sync.

Microsoft Email Integration

Feedback Web Engagement Pop-up in Agile CRM

Customer feedback is essential to growing a business, and it’s essential to hear from current and potential customers while they’re actually engaged with your site or app. We’re excited to announce that we’ve extended our customizable web grabbers to include popups specifically designed for feedback, questionnaires and online surveys. Our new feedback web engagement popups are a powerful marketing automation tool for websites. They have everything you need to ask questions, receive feedback, analyze answers and trigger actions in the CRM.

Feedback Popup

Marketing Automation as Customer Service

Marketing Automation as Customer Service

What is marketing automation? Will it turn me into a robot? Will it turn my friendly customers into faceless data?

Since we offer advanced marketing automation to SMBs that might not have had access to such technology before, we field a lot of questions here at Agile CRM about the “dangers” of marketing automation. To debunk common myths about marketing automation and help you evaluate the tools and tricks of the trade, we’re putting together a few posts to help clarify these awesome new technologies. Today we’ll be looking at marketing automation as customer service.

Hard/Soft Bounces and Unsubscribes – Improve Your Email Marketing

The best way to get to know Agile CRM is to launch an email campaign, but how do you know if your campaigns are working? Agile now includes a number of stats to help you improve your campaigns, get to know your customers and increase your email ROI. Today we wanted to highlight three key metrics that any email marketer should be checking regularly: Unsubscribes, Hard Bounces and Soft Bounces.

Hard Bounce Stats