New Survey Reveals Growing Need for Integrated Sales Force Automation

What goes around comes around. Continuing our posts debunking common myths about automation, today we’re focusing on sales force automation. Sales force automation is the snake that ate its own head. Now it’s back with a vengeance, more energetic and effective than ever. A surprising new survey shows how the market has evolved to favor SMBs.

CRM - SFA and MA software

New Inbound Email Trigger

Are emails getting lost in the shuffle when they’re sent to your sales email address? Our new email event trigger lets you automate actions based on the receipt of an email. The options are extensive, and can be easily customized to fit your business. You can automatically create a new contact, add relevant tags based on keywords in the subject line or message body, assign a contact to the right rep, and so much more!

Email Event Triggers

Plivo SMS Integration for Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is the latest marketing automation trend, and for good reason: it gets results. Since we introduced our SMS integration, which lets you include personalized texts in automated campaigns, our users have been engaging their customers with perfectly times discounts, updates and welcome messages, all over mobile phones. We’re excited to announce that Agile users with a Plivo account can now run behavior-based mobile campaigns using our new Plivo SMS integration.


User Activity Report and Real-time Activity Log

Keeping track of your sales and marketing team’s activities can seem like an overwhelming task. With so many calls, emails, deals and prospects, knowing what each of your agents has accomplished is essential. That’s why we’ve introduced two new monitoring features in Agile CRM: user activity reports, and an enhanced real-time activity log. Keep on top of changes in deal status, emails exchanged, documents created, calls made, and more.

User Activities

Email Attachments & Address Auto-complete

Email is at the heart of Agile CRM, from drip marketing campaigns to personalized holiday newsletters. As our users have come to rely on our email tool to power their sales and marketing pipelines, we’ve been quick to respond to requests for tweaks and enhancements. We’re excited to announce two new features in our in-built emailing tool: email attachments and email address autofill. Attachments make it easy to send business documents to a prospect when you receive a real-time alert that they’re buy-ready. Address auto-complete saves you time and streamlines your workflow.

Email Attachments

New Filters for Deals and Events

We know that your calendars have been filling up especially quickly thanks to our new online appointment scheduling tool. We’ve been happy to hear that the feature, combined with our telephony integration and automated campaigns, has led to a dramatic increase in customers signing up for your sales meeting and product demos. And those demos have been leading to more closed deals. So, just a quick blog post today about two new filters in Agile: one for deals and one for events. We’re here to help you stay focused.

Deal Filters in Agile CRM

Enhanced Twilio Integration – Inbound Calls & Automatic Notes

Want to make, receive, record & analyze calls from within your CRM? Then look no further. We’ve got you – and your ears – covered. Pushing VoIP integration to the next level, Agile has already made its mark as the leading Twilio CRM, and our enhanced Twilio integration now includes inbound calls. We’ve also introduced a feature that automatically stores a note with call details after you finish a call.

Twilio Inbound Calls

Google Plus Integration

As a leading social CRM, we’re always working to enable instant access to actionable data about your customers, leads, brand and industry. Google+ has emerged as a leading source of both traffic and validation for companies around the world, and we’re excited to announce Google Plus integration in Agile CRM. Consumers trust the Google name, and since the search giant introduced the service three years ago, Google Plus has quickly become the second largest social-networking site in the world, following only Facebook.

Google Plus Integration in Agile CRM

Shopify Data Sync

It’s been awesome to see so many E-commerce businesses reducing cart abandonment and increasing conversions with Agile CRM. Our Shopify integration has been one of our most popular plugins, so we decided that it was time to make it even more dynamic. The updated version of the integration now includes periodic syncing from Shopify to Agile CRM. The sync can be performed as often as you’d like – daily, weekly, monthly or just once at a time.

2-way Shopify Sync

Deal Tracks in Agile CRM

Deal Tracks in Agile CRM

Your sales process isn’t a one-trick pony, and it shouldn’t be treated like one. Our new deal tracks feature lets you create multiple sales pipelines, each with their own set of milestones. Our goal with tracks is to make opening, closing and winning deals as easy – and as repeatable – as possible.