Legal and Case Intake Automation – 4 Effective Ways With Agile CRM

Legal and Case Intake Automation – 4 Effective Ways With Agile CRM

It all started with our CEO, Manohar, prodding us to talk to customers for feedback.                       

I called one of our customers, who had just started using our newest Ringcentral Telephony widget.                       

The call began with a discussion about Ringcentral features, and moved on to new features, such as LinkedIn and Email Finder, which really hit a chord with the customer. He was impressed with their usefulness and their ability to help him find qualified leads.                     

Next came the customer’s request about his current business. “We love AgileCRM, but we are also using Legal Ruler and we’re paying them $400 for three users. We want to sync contacts into Agile CRM.”                       

With the Legal Ruler API information provided by the customer, I started digging into Legal Ruler features. I soon discovered that Agile CRM not only offered most of features provided by Legal Ruler, but also offered many more useful features to our customer.                       

To help our customer, I decided to write a blog about the features provided by Agile CRM for Law Practice Management.                       

  1. Significant InTake Conversion       

Significantly increase your Law Firm’s lead conversion and optimizes the intake process with information provided by social widgets such as LinkedIn, Email Finder and FullContact.                  

Highlights include:

LinkedIn Contact View will automatically find the contact in LinkedIn. The details can then be synced with Agile CRM.

  • Based on information like the company name, Email Finder will automatically find the     business’s contact email
  • FullContact and Klout provide a social media score and other contact details such as addresses and websites     

     2. Sign more cases with Automated Emails and SMS

Marketing automation is a proven and time tested workhorse of AgileCRM which can help law firms address the need to be competitive in the online market.                       

Highlights include:                    

  1. Start call tracking and maximizing call-in leads                       

Continuous engagement with leads is a key component  to ensuring any law firm’s success. Every incoming call is tracked and recorded for future reference and an audit trail.                       

Highlights of the call process include:                   

  • Automatic searching for the contact based on the number. A call log is shown for existing contacts
  • For every new caller, a new contact is created, so that the lead is never missed                       
  1. Saving time with E-Signature                       

The end-to-end process of creating a case, preparing a draft and e-signing a contract document is achieved with a simple 3-step approach.                   

  • Select a contract template, link the contact with the case, and the document is ready
  • Emailed document is opened and reviewed by customer.
  • Client can open the E-document and sign it digitally in a matter of seconds                       

Additional Benefits:                       

  • Unlimited Custom Fields
  • Built-in Live Chat
  • Landing Pages


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Peter Kowalke

Peter Kowalke is a journalist and editor who has been covering business, technology and lifestyle trends for more than 20 years.

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