How Email Automation Software Helps Small Businesses?

How Email Automation Software Helps Small Businesses?

Most business owners understand the importance of email to their overall marketing strategy. Email is never going to be obsolete irrespective of other rising marketing channels like social media. It’s estimated that there are 3.7 billion email users worldwide and they send 269 billion emails in a day. That’s much more than the number of active users in Facebook which is 2.07 billion, the highest among social media platforms.

Small businesses with finite resources and a fairly consistent target market find email marketing easier to grasp and more effective. But how do they understand the user responsiveness to their emails? Answer: Email automation software. It tracks user interactions directly related to email campaigns. It allows people to set up logical steps to further engage subscribers, such as email autoresponders and other follow-ups, based on click-throughs or past purchase behavior.

Email automation software for small businesses can be easily integrated with your CRM systems or comes inbuilt with the CRM solution. It tracks the required information on your prospects, leverages data to segment and personalize campaigns, and provides sales teams with insights into how their prospects engaged in those campaigns. It helps SMBs to lay down proper email marketing strategies since they are new and growing businesses with increasing customer base that needs a lot of extra nurturing. 

Email marketing is less demanding and is more sensible for small and medium enterprises (SMBs), as one can easily leverage standard email templates to create fresh content and re-use them for different campaigns. Emailing requires minimum information from users to run more influential and successful campaigns, and hence a better option for SMBs.

How can an email automation software help small businesses?

Gain most engaged audience

Email automation software is the best tool to nurture your leads. You can send out a series of highly relevant, timely emails that connect better with your customers. When an email automation software is integrated internally with your CRM, you can send a more personalized one-on-one communication. Unlike social sites, emails give you a closer acquaintance with your prospect because of this one-on-one communique. You can increase engagement through personalized email subjects aimed at the segmented audience because as per the research, 69% of email recipients report email as spam> based solely on the subject line.

Encourage leads to reconnect

Encourage leads to reconnect

Email automation software (EAS) when aligned with social media, can increase the rate of interest and traffic to your website. With EAS, you have the control of your reach frequency, and you can be sure of what is happening to the email you have sent, if it made it to the inbox, or spammed, opened or deleted etc. By adding links in your email content, you can even connect customers to your social pages. 96 percent of marketers promoted company social profiles in the headers and footers of their marketing emails, with Pinterest and Instagram promotions seeing a significant rise since 2012. Email automation smoothly sends personalized emails which can deliver 6X higher transaction rates.

Remove non-existing email addresses

You create a list of email addresses hoping to turn them into prospective contacts and email them assuming they are making it to the inbox. How do you assess the non-responders? Should you believe that the prospect is not interested or it had never made to their inbox? The latter could be true in many cases. The fact is that 30% of subscribers change email addresses annually. So now the question remains, how can you be sure that the email address is existing? An answer to that is email automation software.

It helps you to track a total number of emails sent, how many of them are bounced – hard or soft, and what are the bounced email addresses. A soft bounce occurs when either the user’s mailbox is full or server goes down, and hard bounce occurs when the email address is invalid or the email addresses do not exist. With that information, you can work on the bounce rate and clean your list from non-existing email addresses.

Set timely evaluation of email sending schedules

Setting up an email course (sending a series of emails to a single customer), is a great way of educating prospects about your company and promoting your new product to existing customers. When done correctly, it helps to build subscribers’ interest and encourage them to make a purchase. Agile CRM’s email marketing software for SMBs does exactly the same and even more.

Setting up an automated email course is simple. All you’ve got to do is add a form to your existing website or create a landing page to capture subscriber information, and then set up a basic sequence of emails to be sent out at different intervals whenever a new person subscribes to the list.

Consider change in your design

Consider change in your design

In SMB market, as sure as you are in reaching your audience via email, how sure can you be if the content is resonating with your audience? You may not be able to answer that until you have a system that helps you to track the results.

Email automation software has A/B testing through which you can understand the performance of email content or design. You test one element at a time and track the metrics. Create different templates of emails and measure the response rate for each template, and make changes in your design accordingly. This will result to come up with the best design that works wonders for your business.

Set actions based on the metrics

Email automation helps you to take the right action for your business. Based on the metrics, you can send those emails that are working at a given point, design eye-catching campaigns, send personalized prompts to your website visitors as they browse your site, or even set the right time for email.

Contrary to its name, email marketing automation is about building customer relationships. Through the automation process, you can bring together your customer data and all your marketing channels to build closer familiarity with your consumer. Email automation can actually be extremely personal – if you do it right.


Email automation campaigns can be as simple or as complex as your business objectives and resources. Once you understand the potential of email automation software, you wouldn’t want to miss the boat.

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Thank you for sharing such an informative article. The best way to overcome the limitation of time is by automating some of our processes with marketing automation for our small business. I have been using Aritic PinPoint for more than half a year and it has completely refined my marketing processes.


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