Getting Started # 1 – Integrate Agile CRM with Gmail / IMAP


Let’s face it – email is still the preferred means of communication at work. This is particularly true if your business regularly interacts with customers. Even if you use a CRM for storing customer data, you probably prefer to communicate with those same customers using your email software. The problem is that this can create information silos for the sales department, resulting in lower productivity and lost customer data. When customers’ contact info and sales histories are stored in a CRM, it’s counterproductive and confusing to store communication histories separately in email software.
Current CRMs address this issue by providing a ‘bcc’ mechanism for users to send a copy of all emails to the CRM. They provide a special email address for each account/user. Whenever you email a customer and want to store a copy in the CRM, you need to add this email as a BCC. But this approach is at best a mitigation of the problem; it’s hardly a solution, and often makes things even more complicated. People often miss adding the BCC email altogether, so many conversations never even reach the CRM.

CRM email integration

Agile takes an innovative new approach to solve this problem with seamless 2-way email integration. All you need to do is link your email account to your Agile account and everything else just happens automatically. Whenever you open contacts, Agile pulls up related emails dynamically and shows them all in a graphical timeline. This also means that we don’t store your emails (unless they are sent using Agile itself). Once you link your account, Agile just fetches relevant emails from your email provider when necessary, and displays them right where you need them. No matter where you sent the email from – Gmail, Outlook, or webmail – they are all there.

In Agile CRM, you can integrate your Gmail or any other email service that supports IMAP. You can set it up in seconds with just two clicks.

Step – 1
Open Preferences and go to the Email tab.

Step – 2

If you use Gmail or Google Apps, grant access to Agile. If you use any other email service, provide the IMAP setting for your account.

No more clumsy BCC addresses and no more digging through your inbox. Email integration is included with every Agile account, even the free version. Signup for Agile CRM now and enjoy hassle-free 2-way email integration.


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Manohar Chapalamadugu

With over ten years of entrepreneurial experience in SaaS/Mobile/Telephony, Manohar Chapalamadugu has founded many successful product companies like InVox, MantraGroup (acquired) and ClickDesk (more than 125,000 businesses). He has held VP, Product Development at Corsoft and Director, Product Development at Veratron. He has a Masters in Computer Science from SUNY, Stony Brook and Bachelors from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani.


Jim Straughan

about 2 years ago

Not sure the above is true .Upgraded to paid starter version ,system asked me to upgrade to enterprise version when I tried to enable imap Disappointing!


Radhika Roy

about 2 years ago

Hi Jim, If you already have one email account configured (e.g Gmail) and then if you are trying to add another IMAP account, then system will prompt to upgrade to enterprise. You need to disable your previous account and then add the IMAP account. For more help, please email


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