25 Best CRM Tools for Small Business

25 Best CRM Tools for Small Business

Are you one of those entrepreneurs who feel overwhelmed about using CRM tools and are trying to handle customer management on their own? In this era of cut-throat competition wherein every opportunity could spell the difference between survival and stagnation, managing customer relationships is more important than ever. This is where the importance of CRM tools comes in.

Discussed as follows are some of the best CRM tools for small business meant to enable entrepreneurs remain on top of customer relationship requisites –

1 – Agile CRM


Launched in 2013 in California, USA this CRM package was created with the intention of bridging the gap between core customer management functions and usage of automation tools required in this segment. Although still a fledgling, the solutions that it has provided in terms of easing out marketing and communication functions with clients have earned global recognition, thus enhancing the growth potential of the package as also the company.

Sales enablement is one of the key services offered by Agile and it is inclusive of multiple aspects of sales such as generation and nurturing of leads, their qualification and tracking how well each one scores. In addition to its affordability, what renders Agile truly popular is the provision of landing page builder as part of its software package.

2 – Apptivo:


Follow-though forms an important part of the sales process and Apptivo is a cost effective option that helps you to successfully carry out this phase for the benefit of all parties concerned. In addition to capturing leads from the Internet and converting prospective customers into clients, Apptivo also enables you to customize apps by adding or removing fields as per the specific requirement of your business.

3 – Accelo


Given the proliferation and widespread usage of cloud-based technology, it is but natural for CRM tools to follow suit and Accelo is an outcome of such an attempt. With features like contact and pipeline management and facilitating file sharing and collaboration among team members, Accelo is best suited for a small business that aspires to expand and grow in future.

Since it is a cloud-based software package, you can not only store all the information in one place but also indulge in project planning and track time and expenses involved.

4 – Base


At times you might be confused as regards which leads might convert into clients and this is what Base helps you with. When you channel your probable leads gathered from various sources like emails, marketing platforms and websites, into Base, it would track all the leads and manage them for you such that you would know which would accrue revenue.

Added features include management of mobile sales and customers and also forecasting, reporting, management and analytics and all of this can be acquired at a monthly rate of $45 per user.

5 – Capsule CRM:


As the name suggests, the purpose of this CRM tool is to encapsulate all information pertaining to business contacts in one location so that the gist of the process is available at one glance. By going through the stored emails, documents, agreements and proposals, you can adjudge the opportunities and how best to go about converting them into sales.

It also provides you with an overview of pending tasks to be completed and also enables you to share the list of contacts with your team in lieu of a monthly payment of $9 per user.

6 – Fieldbook:


Very few CRM tools resemble or replicate a spreadsheet and Fieldbook is one of them. Like a typical sheet in MS Excel, it opens like a grid and has rows and columns that can be adjusted, added or subtracted as per your requirement. One of the best ways to use this CRM tool entails creating a separate sheet for each function and linking them together to keep track of clients and projects.

It can be acquired at a monthly charge of $10 per user and is ideal for sorting or grouping of database.

7 – Freshdesk:


At a monthly charge of $18 per month that this CRM tool comes for, you earn the privilege of gaining valuable insight into your customer base and use this knowledge to create documentation, tutorials, and FAQs’. All of this culminates into efficient customer management and improves functioning through scheduling reporting times at frequent intervals.

8 – Hubspot 


What renders Hubspot a good CRM option for small businesses is it’s free of charge usage for up to a million contacts. Being one of the CRM tools which is basically focused on the sales funnel, or the pipeline as known as the sales jargon, it renders your task of following a lead easier by compiling all possible tidbits of information.

Owing to total visibility of your sales pipeline, a lot of useful information is generated that can then be organized and tracked to your advantage. There is also a feature wherein you can sync this CRM with your email account and receive all updates regarding customer reaction in your inbox.

9 – Highrise:


Just when you thought how difficult it is to keep track of your contacts on one side and daily tasks on the other side, Highrise is presented as a CRM tool which facilitates precisely these functions. Meant to simplify your procedures, this is one of the most effective CRM tools for small business that would provide you with reminders regarding your follow-up action, ensure a clear system of communication and maintain a list of daily tasks.

Added features include provision of privacy settings as a way of selective visibility and sharing of leads with the team through a convenient interface.

10 – Insightly: 


There are multiple reasons that render this package attractive as a CRM tool, the first being that while it is an asset for your small business, you can continue using it as you grow and expand over the years. Secondly, it includes a free plan for both individuals and professionals that you can use for the first two weeks without having to pay anything. If you truly find it useful, then you can opt for a monthly subscription of $15 per user.

Seamless integration with a variety of applications renders this package as one of the most versatile CRM tools for small business. With Insightly, you can track your business in any way, namely figures, reports, data, statistics and so on.

11 – Instream:


With Instream, you can glean information from social media platforms by connecting your account with them and in turn pass on this information to your team. Due to the easy accessibility of crucial information you can indulge in client management and steer relationships in a direction which is desirable for your business. For all the satisfied clients that you win, paying $10 per user every month is not very difficult.

12 – Microsoft Dynamics 365:

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Digital in every sphere of life has been the trend in this new millennium and why should CRM tools remain immune to the impact of digitalization? The result is the introduction of MS Dynamics 365 which lends intelligence to the equation of customer management. As per this CRM tool, the crux of successful selling lies in each individual member of the sales team and hence it is designed to tap this potential and unleash it to its fullest capacity.

Using MS Dynamics will cause you to empower every member of your sales team, tap into their potential and guide them to close deals with customers.

12 – Netsuite:


Much of the mystery and uncertainty surrounding sales forecasts can be overcome if you have Netsuite to help you. This CRM tool is designed to interpret the sales related data and provide realistic forecasts, thus helping to improve performance and productivity.

Pricing of this CRM tool is provided on request and it is regarded as being one of the most useful CRM tools for small business owing to its ability to its ability to help with e-commerce.

13 – Nutshell:


Particularly suited for small businesses, it is an ideal tool for handling lead generation in terms of assigning to every lead specific people, sources, products and competitors all of which need to be tracked at once. This CRM tool also enables you to define your own price and adjust the position of the price as per the level of market in which it is to be placed.

With Nutshell, it is easy to assign specific roles to every member of the team and owing to this clear-cut division of work, the relationship established with the customer is both long-lasting and rewarding.

14 – Nimble:

Nimble CRM

If you wish to keep track of your potential customers on a day-to-day, for example their travel itinerary or their daily routine and chores, then Nimble is the CRM tool that you must get. A feature that renders this CRM tool truly attractive is its ability to integrate with Android and iPhone apps, not to mention its economical monthly pricing of $25 per user.

Small businesses need to keep track of every stage of the sales process from contact to the closure of the deal and this is what Nimble delivers to its buyers.

15 – Nutshell:


Particularly suited for small businesses, it is an ideal tool for handling lead generation in terms of assigning to every lead specific people, sources, products and competitors all of which need to be tracked at once. This CRM tool also enables you to define your own price and adjust the position of the price as per the level of market in which it is to be placed.

With Nutshell, it is easy to assign specific roles to every member of the team and owing to this clear-cut division of work, the relationship established with the customer is both long-lasting and rewarding.

16 – Pipedrive: 


Few CRM tools boast of a customer base which is as huge as 50,000 and Pipedrive is one of them. The fact that it is an effective sales management tool for small teams renders it ideal for small businesses wherein it can be used to track any deal across every stage and understand how each deal can be veered towards successful closure.

Regarded as being one of the most user-friendly CRM solutions, Pipedrive can be acquired at the monthly rate of $12 per user.

17 – Podio:


Flexibility and customization are bywords that describe this CRM tool which, among other things, would also enable you to share encrypted files irrespective of their size. While this tool provides an accurate overview of your company and also indicates directions for improvement, what renders it distinct is the possibility of experimentation. You can try out various scenarios and eventually apply one that suits your situation the best.

Accordingly an update can then be provided to the team and the workflow can be automated to produce better results than before.

18 – ProsperWorks:


A user friendly CRM tool, its unique feature of facilitating centralized communication would enable you and your team to keep track of customer profiles and accordingly decide on the nature of emails to be sent to each client. It also comes with VoIP functionality to facilitate ease of communication with customers and seamless connectivity for integrating it with any system.

Not only can you set multiple targets and objectives for each member of your sales team but also use the powerful reporting suite to improve your approach towards customers.

19 – Sugar CRM:

Sugar CRM

Efficient management can make all the difference to a business and this is exactly what CRM tools like Sugar strive to provide. From opportunities and pipeline leads to accounts and sales, this CRM tool would guide you through every aspect of management so that you are in a position to exploit the circumstances as per your convenience.

By paying a monthly charge of $40 per user, you acquire a CRM package that enables you to set up a personalized dashboard listing out your goals, both short-term and long-term.

20 – SAP Digital:

SAP Digital

You need not have any prior experience in handling CRM tools when you acquire SAP Digital because it is as versatile and diverse as is possible. An outstanding feature of SAP is its dynamic profiling of customers wherein the system would not just segregate information in a systematic manner but also update as and when necessary and highlight what is most important.

Only a few CRM tools facilitate revenue management and this is one of them. It achieves this task by equipping you with several important features like management of subscription, orders and finances and consolidating billing and invoicing functions.

21 – SalesforceIQ


Priced at the monthly charge of $75 per user, this CRM tool is not limited to small businesses but at the same time has features that can prove to be beneficial for such entities. Because it enables contact and lead management and facilitates sales collaboration and forecasting, you would end up with an accurate picture of your business and plan future action.

Although labeled as one of the most expensive CRM tools, it is also one of the most popular, especially since it can be integrated with your email account.

22 – Scoro:

Given its wide range of applications, this CRM tool is good value for money at $22 per user that it charges every month. In lieu, you can use it to coordinate the entire sales process starting from the pipeline on to the next stages till the furnishing of invoice to the client.
Not only does it provide you with an overview of each client but also that of your sales team’s performance which you can manage and carry forward on to the next stage.

23 – Worketc:


Despite being one of the most expensive CRM tools owing to its cost of $49 per user per month, Worketc is popular among big, medium and small businesses alike owing to being a comprehensive package that is inclusive of a variety of functions. Starting from the help desk, this tool provides features like billing of invoices, collaboration among team members and creation of work-flow for each stage of the sales process.

Implementation of this cloud-based CRM tool implies that every function is covered under a single banner and this includes all aspects of customer management.

24 – Workbook: 


Among the list of CRM tools, this one is best known for its customization since it gives you the freedom to choose modules as per your requirement. Best described as a CRM Suite, it facilitates a wide range of functions from accounting to sales forecasting and collaborating between various departments.

So with this CRM tool, you can handle your finances, keep track of your sales pipeline and also monitor clients in a separate portal.

25 – Zoho


How would you react on being informed that it is indeed possible to integrate all your prospects on a single platform? This is exactly what Zoho facilitates. In addition to compiling all contacts, clients and potential customers in a centralized location, it enables you to keep track of their movements and use this knowledge to decide when to make your move. Courtesy of Zoho, you can connect with them via any channel, like social media, email, live chat and so on and seal the deal in a manner that is beneficial to you.

A feature that renders Zoho unique among all CRM tools for small business is Blueprint, which is best described as a technology that would allow you to guide your sales team with a specific sequence of events as regards how to deal with a customer. With a monthly charge of $15 per user, it is an intuitive and innovative tool for the contemporary scenario.

Final Thoughts

Opportunity knocks only once and the onus is on you to recognize it, grab it and use it to its fullest potential for the benefit of your business. CRM tools are meant to facilitate this and on your part, you need to identify a CRM tool which is perfect for your business so that you do not let go of any opportunity when it knocks.

Overall, with a suitable CRM tool, you end up saving on time, being more organized and generating more sales which is the ultimate objective for your business.




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