20 Best Chrome Extensions for Small Businesses

20 Best Chrome Extensions for Small Businesses

Are you using Google Chrome extensions to streamline your workflow? There is an extension for almost every use imaginable, from blocking web ads to tracking billable hours and correcting your spelling and grammar.

In this post, we will cover the top Chrome extensions for small businesses.

Multipurpose CRM Extensions

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1. Agile CRM

Link your Agile CRM account to your Chrome browser to get even more out of the solution. Agile CRM’s chrome extension lets you generate new leads by capturing and pulling contacts from social media platforms into your contact database; track opens and clicks on emails from your Gmail account; as well as access tasks, contacts, leads, and deals. If you use Agile CRM, it’s one of the best Google Chrome web extensions available to you.

2. Revamp CRM for Gmail

Revamp offers a free CRM for your Gmail account. It allows you to track tasks, view deals in the pipeline, sync contacts, and track orders, all from within Gmail. Its CRM capabilities are limited, so look closely to be sure it provides what you need.

3. Streak CRM for Gmail

You can use Streak to track the emails you send from Gmail. You get basic CRM features like a view of your pipeline, but overall it is not heavy on traditional CRM features. The value here comes from the ability to work in G Suite for your CRM needs.

Lead Generation Extensions

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4. Clearbit Connect – Supercharge Gmail 

This Chrome addon locates unknown email addresses for you. Simply enter the name and company of the person you are looking for and the app searches massive contact databases to provide you with a suggested email address for them.

5. ConvergeHub Lead Generator

ConvergeHub Lead Generator lets you capture leads from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Yelp, Gmail and more with a single click. If you use ConvergeHub, this extension makes lead capture easier than tying your shoes.

6. DiscoverOrg Sales Intelligence

This plugin provides instant access to lead and prospect information while browsing the web. It automatically pulls a host of prospecting data such as company details, recommended contacts, phone numbers, email addresses, organizational charts, and similar companies.

Efficiency, Productivity & Organization Extensions

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7. Google Keep

When you find something while browsing the web that you’d like to save for later reference, Google Keep does this for you. You can use it to save URLs, text, and images. Then take notes on those and add labels to your notes for easy access and better organization.

8. ZipBooks Time Tracker

Use ZipBooks to track billable hours from your browser. It delivers the ability to create customers, projects, and tasks, then tracks your hours back to them. Once those hours are tracked, they can be automatically pulled into your invoices with no additional work.

9. Taco

A task management extension, Taco lets you view tasks from other project management applications in a Chrome tab. Use it to access your tasks from applications like Asana, Basecamp, GitHub, Gmail, OmniFocus, Trello, and around 30 more.

10. Block Site

Are you easily distracted while working in Google Chrome? Do you constantly navigate away from your work to window shop in online stores, read the news, or check to see if your friends are on social media? This extension lets you flag certain websites that distract you, and the plugin redirects you to other pages when you navigate to distracting URLs.

11. OneTab

If you are like me, you open twenty tabs in Chrome throughout the day, making it difficult to navigate between them. OneTab lets you convert those 20 tabs into an easily accessible list, which you can access later on to either restore individually or as a group. In addition to helping you work more efficiently, this also helps to save up to 95% of your computer’s RAM, as those tabs will no longer be running in the background.


How often are you reading a web page and find something you want to remember later on? LINER lets you highlight lines of text on any page. The app then saves your highlights so that you can reference them in the future… without having to save entire pages or articles.

13. TeamPassword

This password sharing extension boosts collaboration on teams that share passwords for sites or apps. You determine which team members have access to which passwords. Then, those with access can log into those apps or pages, using that shared password, with a single click.

Social Sharing Extensions

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14. Buffer

Buffer lets post on social media and track your results. From any web page, you can click the Buffer icon to write a post, without having to navigate away from that page. You can configure it to send those throughout the day at spaced-out intervals, or schedule individual posts for specific times.

15. Klout

Klout also lets you publish to social media from any website, then track results. It gives you a Klout score that indicates your social media influence based on responses, shares, etc. Klout also provides personalized content recommendations that help you grow your social media content writing skills.

16. Talk and Comment

Use this extension to record voice notes while on any app or website. You can then send these to social media and recipients can listen to them without having Talk and Comment installed. You can also listen to them later on for easy reference.

Miscellaneous Extensions

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17. Quick Capture

It can be a pain to take a screenshot, then open it, crop it, and save it just to get an image of a portion of the page. Quick Capture lets you zero in on specific parts of the page and capture just that part of a screenshot. You can then annotate and share them with colleagues.

18. Evernote Web Clipper

Use this extension instead of page bookmarks. Clip the pages you want to save, assign tags, highlight important text and more. It’s all saved in your Evernote account, which can be accessed from any device.

19. AdBlock

AdBlock is one of the most popular Chrome extensions available, with over 40 million users. That alone speaks to its efficacy. It’s pretty simple: install it and it will block adds from all across the web. You also have the option to continue viewing ads that interest you if you wish.

20. Grammarly

Grammarly works much like spell and grammar check in MS Word. Anytime you are typing in your browser—for example, writing an email or posting a comment on a message board—it will catch mistakes and offer suggestions to resolve them.


Regardless of what your needs are, there is almost certainly a Chrome extension out there that will make your life easier. The Chrome store is constantly flooded with new apps, meaning that most of them are free to use. Is there an extension that you absolutely love? Let us know in the comments section below!

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